Tuesday 2 August 2011

Copar (Lovea) La Carotte Oil With Beta Carotene - A Review For My Pure

Looking out the window today you would be hard pressed to realise that it's supposed to be summer, OK it's not cold but it dull, and overcast with the promise of thunder and rain later this afternoon. Yeah a typical British summer day. I have to say I love the sun though hence I'm going on holiday but we do occasionally have nice weather in the UK (although more often in the south I must admit;) and when we do we want to make the most of it. I have to say I am one person that looks so much better with a bit of tan, in the winter I am deathly pale, but in the summer thankfully I do seem to get a bit of colour.

No, your eyes haven't deceived you that is a picture of a carrot, what on earth does a carrot have to do with a blog post on the summer and suntanning, well for one of July's My Pure products, I chose the Copar La Carotte Oil With Beta Carotene.

Part of Lovea stable this oil is basically a tan accelerator, made from just 3 ingredients, Sunflower Oil, Carrot Root, and Vitamin E, this oil is high in Beta Carotene which as well as having anti-oxidant, and anti-aging properties, it can also reduce the damaging effects of UV light (Sunshine!) by enhancing the body's immune response to sunlight by increasing melanin levels

Packed in a glass pump action bottle, the oil needs to be stored away from direct heat and sunlight in order to keep it fresh (it's free from preservative, added fragrance, and parabens). The oil itself is a super bright orange in colour, it does wash out but try and keep it off your clothes if you want to avoid orange patches.

Copar (Lovea) say the best way to use this oil is to apply it all over the body and face preferably onto damp skin, the oil actually absorbed really well leaving the skin soft and with a lovely sheen.

 They advise using it up to a week before your holidays, and then morning and night whilst you are away. Obviously I haven't been away this month so I just used it after my shower or bath as a general body moisturiser, I didn't use it on my face. I have to be honest and say we have only had one day of proper sit outside sun so I'm not sure that I've given this enough of a test, but on that day sitting out in the garden and using my SPF's (this product doesn't contain any SPF so you need to apply a good SPF to stay safe and not burn), I actually came in and I actually had a bit of colour especially on my arms, so maybe it did something.
My one gripe with this product I have to say it the smell, you might like it but I personally didn't, it smells quite strongly of sunflower seeds and oils, mixed in with a bit of boiled carrot - not good. Never the less I do think my skin feels better through using this and I am definitely going to use it in the week at least before my holidays. The Copar (Lovea) La Carotte Oil With Beta Carotene 50ml retails at £8.49 from My Pure

(Copar Lovea La Carotte Oil With Beta Carotene 50ml Was Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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  1. It is unbearably scorchio down south. My neck started to burn just putting the washing out.

    Hate it. Roll on winter, snow and dark cosy evenings!


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