Monday 22 August 2011

Two Nails Of The Day In One Post Featuring Ciaté

Morning loves - I thought I'd start the week with a nails of the day post :) In the past week or so I have acquired two Ciaté Paint Pot nail varnishes, one from July Glossybox, and one free with Marie Claire. I have a few Ciaté polishes mainly from ASOS but I have to say it's not a brand I've took a great deal of notice of, but I had a play with my two polishes, and I thought I'd show you the results.
First of all the polish which came with my July Glossybox, a gorgeous red with a touch of gold shimmer 036 Kitten Heels

I know, I know, you don't like feet well some people like feet a bit too much ;) but this polish just screamed summer toes to me so in a bid to counteract the rain that's where I put it. Especially when the weather is awful like it is again today, it cheers you up to see a pretty colour on you toes, even if they do resemble little sausages like mine do x

Traditionally I was very much a brights on my toes and neutrals on my fingers girl, times change and I've changed but sometimes it's good to look back so I painted my finger nails with the Marie Claire freebie Ciaté
My Fair Lady. Not the most interesting of colours I grant you but we all need a proper mannequin hands french type nude in our collection

This is just one coat and I have to say it's more than enough (I put two coats on my toes). I don't often wear these pale shades on my nails anymore but I like the simple look it gives so I'm definitely going to revisit the neutrals and french tones in my collection. I haven't shown the Ciaté polishes in my collection much love in fact I would probably say I only purchased the ones I have due to the cute little bows on the front (I had a bit of a bow fetish at one stage ;) but after trying out these two polishes I am definitely going to dig them out. Do you have any Ciaté polishes? what do you think and do you have any recommendations? Oh and don't forget to check out my blog sale page I added a few items yesterday :)


  1. I really like My Fair Lady. It's such a classy colour x

  2. I love Kitten Heels! The gold shimmer sounds gorgeous and it looks like an awesome summer colour, I'll have to check these out :)


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