Thursday 25 August 2011

Another Nails Of The Day Featuring MNY

Hey my loves
Guess what another nails of the day for you this time featuring a new edition to my nail polish collection. The lovely Liloo wanted to see the MNY Maybelline polish in 659 compared to the 2True polish I bought on the same day (click here to see the haul), well you'll have to wait for my Budget Beauty Series post on 2True to see that one but I can tell you  they are completely different colours the 2True polish is much lighter. MNY 659 is a gorgeous mid tone - dark blue, much darker than it appeared when I originally photographed it. This is two coats, one was ok on the majority of nails but there were one or two that streaked on first application- apologies for the not so good photographs - I was having one of those days where nothing went right, I smudged the first attempt, then dripped polish on the cushion then the camera died so you get what you get ;)

Pretty, but nothing that original really, I have an overload of blues in my collection and to be honest this probably isn't adding that much to my collection, never mind it's still pretty, I do have my eye on another MNY colour - the lovely tealy / turquoise featured in Sarah - Found On Films post here so I will definitely be looking to purchase more from Maybelline's little sister. Are you as bigger fan as I am of blue nail polish?


  1. Ooh it's a very nice colour! your nails look lovely :)

  2. This post makes me very happy. You couldn't tell there is streak and to have that coverage in 2 coats just for £2.99 is pretty good really. I want this brand to give barry m a run for its money (if that's the expression) and i want them to tremble with fear. MNY is going to getcha haha xx

    thank you for swatching this gorgeous blue so soon

    and your nails lenght, has never looked better, love them xx


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