Saturday, 23 July 2016

M&S Rosie For Autograph Lip Glossy - Sweet Nothing Kisses

Next time your out shopping go into a store and to any make up counter or stand and your bound to see some sort of celebrity endorsement or collaboration. From bloggers to actresses and models, we are in the age of the celebrity and celebrity sells!

When I was younger the merest mention of one of my favourite celebrities would be enough to make me head to the tills but as I've gotten older I like to think I'm a little bit more selective. One collaboration lately though, that did spark my interest, was Rosie For Autograph at Marks & Spencer.

As a well known and well loved supermodel, and actress Rosie Huntington-Whitely, was already well known as one of the faces of Marks & Spencer's fashion line, but recently, citing her love of make up and vintage glamour, she teamed up with the high street store to produce a range of BUAV approved, cruelty free and hypoallergenic, fragrances and beauty products.

When the range was first launched it created a bit of a buzz both in the press and the blogosphere, probably down the amazing rose gold tone packaging. We all know how bloggers love a bit of rose gold, but this range isn't only about the packaging, the products inside have also been getting some rave reviews.

Purely based on the packaging and the appearance of some of the products at first glance I wanted everything but this range isn't the cheapest and since the prices are more high end than drugstore, I was good and just picked up the one item - a Rosie For Autograph Lip Glossy.

I love these twist up, chunky style lip pens and this one is no exception. The product comes in a  hard to photograph, high end looking glossy black and rose gold box which offers the merest hint of what is inside. Open the box and your greeted with a beautiful but again hard to photograph, coppery, rose gold tone chunky lip pen, with the Rosie For Autograph logo on the side, and essentially for this type of product, a tight fitting lid!

There are currently six shades of Lip Glossy to choose from and  I went for the shade Sweet Nothing Kisses.

It looks very bright in the tube but this is not a solid, block colour so when you swatch it,  it almost has jelly like finish and it becomes a shiny, lighter almost rosy pink,

Thanks to the shape of the tip this product is super easy to apply, and thanks to the absence of alcohol, it feels quite moisturing and softening on the lips and it doesn't feel sticky or tacky. It looks slightly different on my lips than it does in both the tube and in my swatch but I'm fine with that, on me it changed into a super glossy wearable pink shade that I love

I've pretty much worn this product to death since I bought it, I've worn it in several videos and it even featured in my March / April Favourites Video which you can see here or below

I love the feel of it on my lips, I love the stylish packaging and I love the colour. It's definitely made me want to try some more products from the Rosie For Autograph range but the price tags do put me off a bit. For what in essence is a shops own brand, this range isn't cheap, for example an eyeshadow quad is £18 and you can pay either £18 or £20 for a bronzer, Are you paying for the Rosie Huntington-Whitely association, or are you paying for the aesthetically pleasing product and the beautiful packaging? Who knows? I'd like to think you're paying for the quality of the product and the fact that it cruelty free but these days you can never be sure what your actually paying for when you buy make up. Who am I kidding though I love make up and 9 times out of 10 if I like something or want something enough I'll ignore the price tag and head to the checkout anyways :) So if you have any Rosie For Autograph recommendations I'd love to hear them x

The Rosie For Autograph Lip Glossy comes in 6 shades and retails at £12.50 for 2.5g of product. The Rosie For Autograph range is available exclusively at selected M&S stores and online.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Sample Saturday - Fair Squared Vanilla Shower Gel*

Hi Guys I hope you've all had a lovely Saturday, and if you're in the UK, I hope that you've all been lucky enough to enjoy that strange thing called sunshine. I know it's a rarity but in my little part of County Durham it's been a lovely day. It's clouding over a little bit now but it's been warm and toasty nearly all day and thankfully the nice weather is set to continue for a few more days at least. Like a typical Brit I know I always go on about the weather but there is method in my madness I promise x

It's been just over a year now since I lost my bath tub, and on warm days like today I don't really miss it. There really is nothing better than having a nice cool to lukewarm shower, at the end of the day to refresh, and revitalise both your mind and your body. Over the last 12 months or I've tried all sorts of different shower products and today for my Sample Saturday post I'm going to share with you one of my newest finds.

Although I wouldn't class myself as a cruelty free or "natural" blogger, I love trying products from companies with a conscience, and one of my newest discoveries is a brand called Fair Squared. Originally founded in 2011 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Fair Squared are now based in Cologne, in Germany, They produce a range of beauty and toiletry products that are free from parabens, phthalates, SLS, and PEG's. They are also vegan registered and approved, and as the name would suggest all of their products are Fairtrade and they're also Natrue certified.

As I say they produce a wide range of products that are now available to purchase in the UK, and I was lucky enough to be sent, one of their hotel amenities, sample kits. I'm going to be reviewing all of the products in the kit in the weeks to come but the first product I'm going to talk about it the Fair Squared Vanilla Shower Gel.

Crammed full of good for you ingredients including natural based foamers, and Fairtrade Palestinian Olive Oil, this shower gel is suitable for all ages and all skin types but it's particular good for member of the family with a drier skin. The olive oil is full of antioxidants, and natural vitamins, minerals and fatty acid that are designed to nourish, soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

The product itself has a thick, gel like texture and an opaque white appearance. A little of this gel goes a long way and you just need to apply a small amount and mix it with water to produce, a fine and creamy moisturising lather, Thanks to the high olive oil content and the lack of chemical foamers, this gel feels really hydrating on the skin, and at a push if you had normal skin, you could potentially get away without using a body moisturiser.

Whilst most of us love the taste of vanilla ice cream and vanilla fudge, vanilla as a fragrance can cause some pretty polarising opinions. particularly when it used as a fragrance in beauty products. Done badly it's can be too sweet, too cloying, synthetic and too sickly but when it's done well it;s a completely different story. This shower gel does vanilla and it does it well, this isn't a cake like, butter cream vanilla, it's a subtle real, calming and comforting vanilla, with just a hint of bitterness and smokiness that you get from a real vanilla pod or a bottle of real vanilla extract.

This shower gel would be a perfect addition to anybodies summer bathroom. It's a nice gentle product with a conscience that's perfect for the whole family. It's hydrating, non drying, and it has a subtle vanilla scent, that refreshes, calms and soothes in equal measure. The size I've been using is a 10ml sample size but the Fair Squared Vanilla Shower Gel comes in a 250ml bottle and retails at around £8.95. You can find out more about Fair Squared and buy directly via their own website and if like me your in the UK, you can also buy this product and other products in the range from natural and organic, beauty retailer Pravera Direct. I've got some more reviews of some Fair Squared body products to come including liquid soap, shampoo and body lotion, so let me know what you'd like to see next. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend x


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Another June 2016 Primark Haul - Home, Beauty And More

When it comes to shopping probably my favourite places to go in the North East is probably Intu Metrocentre. You have 100's of shops and eating places under one roof, there are plenty of places to sit down and the parking is free! I love it but sometimes you need a bit of a change so for the first in a ages last month instead of heading into the Metrocentre I went to Newcastle instead.

I don't get into Newcastle anywhere near as often as I used to so I thoroughly enjoyed both of my trips into the city last month. Although you can find a lot of the same shops in the Metrocentre, in Newcastle they're usually bigger and better! Case in point - Primark!

Although Primark's Metrocentre store is currently undergoing an expansion, Primark's Newcastle branch is without a doubt the mother ship! The first Primark in the North East, Newcastle's Primark is a A grade store, with it's four floors of budget heaven and even it's own Costa Coffee. My first trip was a bit of a rushed one but the second time round I had loads of time to explore and pursue the rails, and fill up my basket. Since I'd been to Primark  at least once already in June (read my post here)  I actually didn't buy an awful lot, but in this all be it late post I thought I'd show you what I did buy.

Clothing wise it was a bit of a fail, I'm feeling a bit mehhh about myself at the moment, and I don't really see the point in stocking up on summer clothes for what could be a non existent summer in the UK, so I only bought one thing and it was a real basic, a plain white vest. This actually came up on the receipt as a vest dress and I guess if you were a bit shorter than me, or if you are confident enough then you probably could wear this as a summer dress or as a beach cover up. Personally though I will be wearing this as a vest, all be it as a nice long line vest that covers both my tummy and my bummy! This was just £3.50 and it came in a few other colours.

For a change jewellery wise, nothing appealed so I moved onto to accessories and again I wasn't desperate for anything so I just picked up some more of these fabric spiral hair bobbles.

These were just £1 for 6 bobbles and they're quickly becoming one of my go to products for tying my hair back. There is no metal or anything that will catch on the hair, and the spiral shape just seems to hold the bobble into the hair, without it slipping. I love these and so does one of my cats, Tallulah, who thinks that they are kitty toys! hence I needed to buy some more to replace the chewed ones!

I also picked up a phone case. I recently upgraded to a lovely gold iPhone 6S, and I just wanted a case for it. I've ordered a few from ebay, which I'll show you in a separate post, but I just wanted something to tide me over until they arrived and this one fits the bill perfectly.

It's just a clear hard plastic cover, that's covered in large gold dots. It was just £3 and I think it works really well with my gold phone :) Some of the cases I ordered have arrived but I'm keeping this one one for the moment because my phone feels so protected and I love the look.

The major difference between the Primark in Intu Metrocentre and the Primark in Newcastle, is the size of the home wear section. If ever you see something advertised online or in a magazine, you can pretty much guarantee that Newcastle Primark will have it and at the moment Metrocentre won't.

The first thing that I looked at was the lighting and in particular the carnival style lights. I love the look of these and I always wanted a letter L, but all of the ones that I've seen were way too expensive, and the Metrocentre branch only ever had two letters, A and Z. They had a lot of different letters but I couldn't see an L, so I knelt on the floor and took every single one off the shelf and the last box I picked L, it was fate!

This battery operated LED light, is really well made and made of a cream coloured metal. It was just £8 and whilst I still have no idea where I'm going to put it, it was meant to be, so I just couldn't leave it behind!

Fairy lights used to just be for Christmas but not any more, I love lights and fairy lights in particular, and I'm since I'm currently sorting out my office, come craft room, I thought that I'd buy a set of blue LED fairy lights to match in with the blue walls and the blue carpet. The room features an almost full length shelf so I think I'm going to drape these, somehow, along the edge of the shelf, we'll see though. This battery operated strand of 40 LED lights was £2.50.

There are three things that I really love home decor wise, lighting, cushions, and candles, and whilst I didn't pick any cushions up this time round, I did buy myself a candle.

I've had a love / hate with Primark candles over the years, but this one was love at first sight and at first sniff. The heavy weight mirrored mosaic votive is beautiful in it's own right, but when you smell the amazing Clementine and Peony candle inside, there was no way I was going to leave this one the shelf. I haven't burnt it yet so I can't vouch for the smell once it's burning but even without burning it, it has an incredible fruity scent, that literally makes your mouth water. This was £4 which is a bit pricey compared to most of Primark's candle selection but the holder is well made, heavy weight and reuseable so in my opinion it's well worth it.

Finally a took a look at the beauty selection, and surprise, surprise again it's way bigger than the Intu Metrocentre branch but unsurprisingly it was messy and it had been well ravaged and well tested. I wanted to have a closer look at the PS Pro line but the stand was smeared with make up and all the boxes looked as though they had been opened so I didn't bother! Instead I picked up some of my favourite face wipes, which are in new packaging but are still just a pound

and I also got a couple of nail bits that I'd been looking for including this pale blue nail polish, with pink and white nail art sprinkes, which was just £1.50

and a bottle of the PS Cuticle Oil which was just a £1. I'm an OPI Avoplex devotee but I go through it at the rate of knots, so I wanted something a bit cheaper to use along side it. This stuff has really, really surprised me, it really is that good, it smells nice and it absorbs pretty quality and makes a real difference in almost an instant. Mummy Lou also gave this a go, and I ended up having to get her one as well.

I really enjoyed having a nose around a different store, even if I did need a lie down once I got home! I didn't buy a lot admittedly but I did manage to pick up a few things that I hadn't seen in the Metrocentre branch, so I was still pretty happy with my haul. I've made a video to accompany this haul which you can see below or via this link.

Being a spoonie I definitely find it easier to shop in Intu Metocentre but I love big department stores like Fenwick and John Lewis, and I love the choice. and the options that you find in a big city. Wherever it is though I love shopping and as well as this Primark haul, I also bought a few other bits when I was in Newcastle including some bits from KIKO, and Tiger, which you'll hopefully be able to see in some of the many upcoming haul posts that I have planned, but in the meantime if you've got any comments on this Primark haul then leave your musings below and let me know x

Sunday, 10 July 2016

An Update And A Nails Of The Day - AVON Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Citronized

Hey Guys x I hope you've all had a good week x I've been a little bit under the weather this week but I've been busy doing bit of blog admin and I'm also trying to sort out my SEO. Having over 9 years of blog post to go through, I think I've  under estimated the task but this is the way that blogging's gone and if you can't beat them then you have to join them- no guesses what I'm going to working on for the next month or so then! Anyways, apart from sleeping, and getting stressed over back links and no follow links, I have managed to take quite a few photos and I managed to film a few You Tube videos, so normal posting and video uploads will resume from today.

Despite a pretty positive weather forecast this week has turned into a bit of a damp squib, it's been dull, and boy has it rained! Having just watched the weather forecast better weather is hopefully on the way but in the meantime I decided to brighten up my day with a super bright nail polish.

AVON Gel Shine Nail Enamel is Citronized is one of those shades that people will either love or hate. It's a way brighter than it's appearing here and it's a very bright, yellowy, lime shade, think Shrek, pond slime or even mushy peas before they took out the artificial colouring! - this is one noticeable shade but it's one that I can totally get on board with.

I don't really find a great deal of difference between the AVON Nailwear Pro polishes and the Gel polishes but this polish is probably a touch thicker then the Nailwears. With a wide brush and a thick formulation you would expect this polish to cover really well, and in a round about way it does. The application was a touch streaky but the polish levelled out nicely, and as AVON claim one coat was probably enough on most nails.

As per usual though I went for two coats, and as well as an even finish and a great depth of colour, what was apparent with this polish was the shine - this colour was super, super glossy, I did apply a top coat after I'd took these pictures but gloss wise it really didn't need it . I can't really comment on wear time because I used a top coat but as I say I haven't found a lot of difference between these and AVON's original nail enamel formulation.

Citroized definitely isn't for everyone but for the summer season I think it's a real winner. The super bright colour looks great with a tan be it real or fake, and it's just a happy colour and one that is bound to get you noticed. AVON Gel Shine Nail Enamel in Citronized comes in a 10ml bottle and has a recommended retail price of £7 but it's currently half price on both the AVON UK website and in the latest sale brochure x Are you a fan of lime green nails or are they a bit too much like pond slime for you? Let me know in the comments x

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover - A Review For My Pure*

As much as I love nail polish, there are aspects of it that I don't love. I hate waiting for it to dry, and I hate it when it chips, but more than anything else I hate having to remove it! There are now products on the market to help our polish dry more quickly and there are things to help stop it chipping, but despite advances in beauty and science, nail polish removal doesn't seem to have got any easier. It still takes an age to do, it can be messy and more often than not it smells terrible.

Like nail polish itself, nail polish remover more often than not is crammed full of strong chemical compounds that are designed to dissolve lacquers, plastics and even paints. Most of them do the job that they're designed for but there are side effects, certain ingredients such as acetone can be very drying on the nails and the hands, and oh did I mention the horrible smell!

Thankfully there are a lot of acetone free removers on the market now but a lot of them still contain way too many chemicals for some, so for one of June's My Pure reviews I decided to try out a more natural, gentle and non drying nail polish remover from German brand Benecos.

At first glance it's hard to see how a nail polish remover would ever fit into Benecos ingredients philosophy. Traditionally full of chemicals and preservatives, making a nail polish remover that contains natural ingredients, and no nasties, genetically modified material, soy or gluten was no easy task but like with their nail polish, Benecos have stuck to their guns and created a product that fits right in with their philosophy and the rest of their range.

The Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover is an acetone free product, that's created without any synthetic preservatives, mineral oils, or parabens. It contains ethyl lactate which is a natural degreaser that comes from sources of lactic acid, alcohol, water, and vegetable glycerin for moisture and nail condition. It also contains sweet orange oil and lemon peel oil and other citrus extracts.

Packaged in a wide necked plastic bottle, the remover itself is clear and resembles water in both colour and in consistency, when you touch it though it has a slightly viscous, oily feel.

The first thing that you notice when you pour the remover onto a cotton pad is the smell. Now I would never advise that you go around smelling nail polish remover, but you can't help but smell it when your using it. Compared to some I've used this one doesn't smell too bad, it still isn't great though and it's a bit like really strong alcohol with a bit of a citrus hit. Thankfully the nastier aspects of the fragrance die off quite quickly and your hands and nails are left with a subtle citrus scent.

I used it just like I'd use any other nail polish remover, I normally hold the cotton pad over the nail for a little while to start dissolving the polish before I start wiping. This makes removal a lot easier and a lot less messy. How did I get on? well see for yourself





The first polish I tested it with was Benecos Natural Nail Polish in Lavender Sky (read my review here) - here I used 1 coat of nail strengthener, and two coats of polish. You would expect this remover to work well with the same brand of polish and as expected it got it all off without too many problems.

I also used it with a few coats of strengthener, and on another occasion with another brand of polish, a coat of strengthener and a top coat, and I have it did take a little bit longer than it did with my usual acetone free remover but it did the job. 

The key thing that I noticed though with this remover was that my nails weren't left looking white and dehydrated and the skin around them certainly didn't feel dry or uncomfortable. As I said before this polish remover has a slightly oily feel and I think that helped to almost give the nails a hit of moisture. It was just enough though and you didn't feel as though you needed to wash your hands straight away.

I have to say this remover impressed me way more than I thought it would. I was thoroughly expecting it to struggle with polish removal but by and large it did the job, without smelling too bad and without drying out my nails and my skin. I did find that it took longer than my usual remover especially when I was removing multiple coats but considering the lack of chemicals and nasties, you really can't complain. That said I'm not sure I would repurchase it as I'm pretty happy with my current budget friendly remover, but if you're trying to cut down on the amount of chemicals you use in your beauty routine though or if you're looking for a cruelty free product, then this is definitely something worth trying. The Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover comes in a 100ml bottle and retails at £5.95 from My Pure.Would you consider using a "natural" nail polish remover? Let me know your thoughts x 


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Trimming My Stash - June 2016 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews

Hey Guys x I hope you've all had a lovely Saturday x The weather isn't that great for the first Saturday in July, but I'm British so I'm pretty used to summer being a wash out! I really can't believe that it's July already - I've already had a few Christmas in July press invites which is terrifying - where is this year, and where is my life going!

I've had another up and down month but I'm thinking positive and battling on regardless, blogging again has taken a bit of a back seat but I'm feeling really motivated at the moment, I've got a lot of ideas and I've got a lot of new posts planned. Before we look forward though first lets look back at June and focus on my June beauty empties.

Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright - 250ml
L'Oreal Kerastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Conditioner - 75ml
OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go - 7.5ml
The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt - 300ml
Hello Kitty Liberty Art Fabrics Body Scrub - 50ml
Bumble And Bumble Bb Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Conditioner - 60ml
Benefit Sandal Scandal - 130ml
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - 84 Epatant - 4g
Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes For Combination Skin - 25 Wipes
Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths Brightening - 10 x Quilted Cleaning Cloths
Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner - 250ml
Impulse Tease Body Fragrance - 75ml
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub - 300ml
Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes For Combination Skin - 25 Wipes
Total - 14 Items

Yeah - I managed to finish 14 items last month, which is best performance of the year so far. As well as managing to finish a lot of half finished product I also managed to finish a really nice mix of products, including some body care, skin care, and hair care items, and shock of horrors I even managed to finish a make up item!

1. Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright - 250ml

I've been using this Boots toner for a little while now and for the price I really like it. If you like Pixi Glow Tonic then this is an okay budget alternative. At just £3.99 for a 250ml bottle, this toner of AHA's and Hibiscus. It brightens and freshens my skin without any of the tingle associated with pricier exfoliating toners. Is it as good as Pixi Glow Tonic or Alpha H Liquid Gold? not in my opinion but it's a decent product and it's something that I will always pick up when it's on offer.

2. L'Oreal Kerastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Conditioner - 75ml

This conditioner from L'Oreal's famous Kerastase range was something that I received in a beauty box. I've got to say that it didn't really wow me it was a good everyday conditioner but it didn't make that much of a difference to my hair. The only real plus point and the point that took this product to the next level was the smell, I absolutely loved the scent, put this fragrance in a perfume bottle and I would most definitely buy it, as a conditioner though I would happily use it but I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase.

3. OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go - 7.5ml

OPI Avoplex is without a doubt my favourite ever cuticle product. It smells amazing, it sinks in quickly and it works. This is the travel or on the go version and instead of coming in a glass bottle it comes in a squeezy plastic tube with an attached brush. It's a little thicker and more gel like than the original formulation but it works just as well, and it's a lot easier and less messy to carry around. I've already repurchases the original glass bottle for home use, but for travel and holidays I'll definitely repurchase this on the go version.

4. The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt - 300ml

When The Body Shop's Honeymania range launched, you couldn't go on twitter or read blogs without somebody raving about it. Personally though I wasn't interested, honey for me is the devils food, I hate the taste of it and I think that the smell is even worse!  Fast forward though to December 2014 and I was invited to a festive event at a branch of The Body Shop in Newcastle Upon Tyne. After receiving an amazing hand massage and finding out some more about their Christmas range I was lucky enough to received a fabulous goodie bag which contained this product. I tried it full expecting to hate it but shock of horrors I didn't, I loved it! It has a tiny bit of sweetness to it but what you smell instead of the sickly sweetness of honey, is a beautiful heady floral aroma. You can swirl a bit of this sticky, honey like gel into the bath, for a bubbly milky bathing experience or you do what I've been doing over the last few months and use it in the shower. It is specifically a shower product but put a small amount onto a shower scrunchie, and you have a super foamy, deliciously scented shower. Since I don't have a bath tub anymore I probably wouldn't buy this specific product but I would definitely consider buying some of the other products in the Honeymania line. You can read all about my The Body Shop experience and read a mini review of this product here.

5. Hello Kitty Liberty Art Fabrics Body Scrub - 50ml

I love Hello Kitty and I love florals so I was all over this Boots exclusive collection from a few years ago. Apart from the super cute packaging, again the best bit about this product was the smell. This scrub and the entire Hello Kitty Liberty range had the most amazing powdery, slightly Shea butter based, floral scent which I loved, unfortunately in this case though I just didn't love the product. This scrub had a liquidy, cream base with tiny, teeny, nut shell like particles. I like a good, grainy scrub but for me the grains in this one were just too fine to do the job properly, which is a real given everything else it had going for it is a real shame.

6. Bumble And Bumble Bb Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Conditioner - 60ml

For me one of the best parts about blogging is getting the opportunity to try something new, and hopefully finding something that you love, and this product was a case in point. I received and reviewed this product just under a year ago now, and I loved it so much that I went straight out and repurchased it. This is really nice range and this conditioner made me hair feel instantly smoother and thicker. You can read a full review of this, and of some of the other products in the Invisible Oil range here. Blogging is a fickle thing and I'm currently loving another product but this is still something that I would definitely consider repurchasing x

7. Benefit Sandal Scandal - 130ml

This is the first of two empties that I'm absolutely devastated to have finished because they can't be replaced. Nowadays we probably know Benefit Cosmetics best for their quirky and innovative make up range, but back in the day there was more to Benefit then just brows and blushers. When Benefit first launched in the UK they used to have a nice little core collection of body care products, all fragranced in their signature Maybe Baby scent. As well as bubble baths, shimmer, balms, and body creams, they also produced this pretty amazing foot cream. I'm not a huge fan of minty foot creams, so this one with the floral Maybe Baby fragrance was perfect for me. With a rich creamy texture,and crammed full of AHA's to attack that dry skin, it came with a cute pair of pink and white pompom socks. This was a perfect overnight foot product, the dry skin disappeared within hours and it left the feet feeling silky soft. This was my favourite ever foot product and I'm very, very said that it's been discontinued :(

8. Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - 84 Eptant - 4g

Something else that I'm devastated to have finished is this Illusion D'Ombre eye shadow from Chanel. This shadows have the most amazing mousse like, cream texture, they apply and blend like a dream either with the brush that's provided or if you're feeling really lazy you can apply them with your fingers. This shade is Epatant, a beautiful metallic silvery, grey, taupe, green, that changed in the light. This was one of my go to eye shadows for a long, long time, it was easy to apply, the wear time was good, and the finish was super impressive. In theory this shadows should have been binned a long time ago but thanks to using a damp brush, and spraying it with Fix + I managed to hydrate it enough to finish the pot and I'm sad. Why am I sad? Well I love the formulation and I for this one could even justify the £25 price tag but unfortunately Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Epatant is no more, I can't find it anywhere so I think it's been discontinued - farewell Epatant I loved you - even if nobody else obviously did.

9. Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes For Combination Skin - 25 Wipes

Your probably sick of seeing these in my empties post but yes this month I finished another two packets of these babies and I bought some more. In one day I took 158 swatch photographs so these babies have been busy mopping up swatches and for freshening up on sticky days. They're full of tea tree so they leave your skin feeling cool and fresh, I don't use them on my face that often but they are a good standby.

10. Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths Brightening - 10 x Quilted Cleaning Cloths

Dear readers, I have a confession to make I used this face wipes on my face and nowhere else! I don't why I did it maybe it was because I thought that a high end skin care brand would make a decent caring wipe and good for you wipe and  do you know what I did actually quite like d these. I got this ten pack of Ole Henriksen wipes in a beauty box, and feeling lazy one morning I picked these up and give them a try. They were a really nice quality, thick and quilted wipe, with a lovely citrus and vanilla scent. They left my skin looking really fresh, and bright and feeling squeaky clean, if a tiny bit sticky. Although I'm definitely not a cleansing with wipes convert, these were a good quick way to cleanse my skin and I actually felt as though they had some skin care benefits. I probably wouldn't repurchase these but if you're interested these wipes retail at around £12 for a pack of 30.

11. Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner - 250ml

This was my first ever bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic, and I'm a total convert. As much as I love the feeling and results from Alpha H Liquid Gold, I love the convenience and ease of use of Glow Tonic. You can fit it into any skin care regime, just use it to replace your regular toner and you're good to go. Again full of AHA's this toner has made such a difference to my skin since I started using it regularly, my skin is smoother, and clearer, I get less breakouts and my pores aren't as obvious. I love this stuff and I will definitely continue to use it. All you need to remember to do is use a bit of SPF on your face, but you should be doing that anyway. You can find out a little bit more about why I love this in my March / April Favourites Video which you can watch here 

12. Impulse Tease Body Fragrance - 75ml

Whilst searching through my extensive beauty stash I found a whole load of new and half finished body sprays -  Isn't that always the way when you've bought a new one, note to self - maybe if I was more organised and tidier this wouldn't happen! Anyways if ever there was a product to take my back to my early teenage years it would be an Impulse body spray. Every girl I knew used to reek of them and we always used to try and be the first to try a new fragrance. My favourite used to be the one if the dark blue can, I don't remember the name now but they all smell pretty similar and the fragrance of this one took me right back. This one has that same sort of sweet, musky scent that I remember so well, the one I liked was a bit more fruity but this one is definitely trying to a bit more sophisticated with the musky undertones. I probably wouldn't repurchase this particular scent but at between £1 and £1.99, these are a pretty bargainious way to recapture your childhood.

13. Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub - 300ml

Another product that featured in my March / April Favourites Video (you can watch it here) and something  else that I love. This is exactly what I look for in a body scrub - I'm a huge fan of coarse salt and sugar scrubs and this one is exactly that. Crammed full of sugar, and moisturising oils, it has the zingy, citrus, lime scent, that we've come to expect from the Sugar Crush line and I love it. I like using on dry skin for a really intense scrub, just massage it in and rinse it off and your skin is left feeling smooth and silky. I will definitely buy this again and again x

14. Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes For Combination Skin - 25 Wipes

Yes I finished another packet x You can read my thoughts above x 

Well that ended up being a much longer post than I'd planned so I really hope that you managed to stick it out until the end. I finished a lot of products last month and I really can't see me doing as well in July but you never know, as per usual though I'll give it my best shot.. I've got a few beauty hauls to show you over the next few weeks but then I will definitely be starting Project 10 Pan so hopefully in July I'll have a few more make up items to show you but we'll see x Thanks for reading and if you have any questions on any of the items that I've finished then please let me know x

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Nails Of The Day - Benecos Natural Nail Polish - French Lavender*

Although I don't seem to write as many nail posts as I used to, I'm still obsessed with nail polish. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a flash of colour when I'm typing, or seeing a set of pretty painted toenails peeking out from my sandals. My nail polish collection is getting seriously out of control though, but I can never resist adding new ones to my collection especially when it's from a brand that I haven't used before. As you know I love trying new things so for one of June's My Pure reviews I decided to try a nail polish from German brand, Benecos.

I've tried a few products from this BDIH Certified brand now, and I have to say for the price point I've been pretty impressed. The brand produces a wide range of affordable, good for you, skin, body, hair care and make up products, that use organic ingredients where possible and are free from a lot of chemicals and preservatives that you would normally find in toiletry and cosmetic products.

When you think of nail varnish though, one of the things that you probably think of is chemicals, surely there is no way that a nail polish can be natural and good for you? Well think again, all of the nail polishes in the Benecos range are not only cruelty free and suitable for vegans but they're also 5 Free. A lot of nail polishes now describe themselves as 3 Free but there aren't that many traditional style, nail polishes out there that describe themselves as 5 Free. What that basically means is that Benecos nail polishes are free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates, and colophonium or colophon, which have been found to cause skin irritations and breathing problems.

My Pure currently stock 15 shades of nail polish from Benecos but the shade I tried was French Lavender. I'm a huge fan of lilac and purple nail polishes so this one was right up my street.

Packaged in a 9ml size cylindrical bottle, this polish has a short, and thin, but good quality brush. The polish was quite fluid but the brush was easy to control and it applied easily and smoothly. and dried quickly. The coverage was okay after 1 coat but I felt that it really needed two coats to give the full depth of colour.

The finished colour was quite a bit deeper than it looked in the bottle, it wasn't the lilac tone that I'd anticipated and instead it had very much a dirty, dusky lavender, purple finish. Wear wise, I always test nail polish without a top coat and two days in, I only have a little bit of tip wear.

Although the colour didn't end up being quite what I expected I have to say I still liked this nail polish. It applied and wore well, it dried quickly and it definitely didn't seem to have as strong a smell as some polishes that I've used in the past. I'll definitely be trying a few more colours in the future, and if like a lot of people I know, you're looking for a gentler, or 5 Free nail polish, then this could be the brand to try. Benecos Natural Nail Polish in French Lavender comes in a 9ml bottle and retails at £6.95 from My Pure. Are you a fan of free from polishes? Let me know your thoughts x