Wednesday 20 July 2011

Nails Of The Day - Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer 514 Hi-Res

Yes, it's time for another nails of the the day post, and surprise, surprise it's one of the Milani polishes that I received last week from Cherry Culture.

The lure of the sparkle was just too much and on Friday I painted my nails with Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer in 514 Hi-Res. I love these polishes so much they apply really nicely, they dry super quickly and they last pretty well too. Hi-Res is a gorgeous purple sparkly holograph, these pics show two coats taken with the flash so you can really see the sparkles

Sparkly or what ? yet another Milani purchase that has made me happy :) What do you think, do you like sparkly polishes?


  1. I love the colour and the glitter. :)

  2. Oh gorgeous! I really need more Milani.

  3. I love Milani polishes, I have the digital version of this one

    shel xx

  4. I love this, so pretty :).

    Sadie x

  5. Thanks ladies gotta love a bit of sparkle :)

  6. oh wow I love that colour :-)


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