Tuesday 26 July 2011

Nails Of The Day Featuring Joe Fresh

It's nails of the day, well nails of the week time again :) You think of summer and bright colours automatically spring to mind but to me nothing screams summer more than a pretty ice cream pastel to show off tanned skin. OK my skin isn't particularly tanned at the moment bar a bit of gradual tan and some faded St Moriz but I still think this looks gorgeous.

I got this Joe Fresh varnish in Faded Violet in a swap with the lovely Michelle. It's just the kind of pale creamy lilac that I love, my bedroom walls are even the same colour!

As far as I'm aware Joe Fresh isn't available in the UK but it's similar to OPI Done Out In Deco. Do you like lilac nails? I do :)


  1. I absolutely love lilac nails. Not sure lilac suits me but I love it.

  2. i love lilac nails, especially in the winter for some reason!

    after reading your blog for a while now i've only just realised you have m.e, i also do :/ hope you're having a nice day


  3. I love lilac nails!
    I don't think they suit me but I tend to wear them anyway :D
    Yours look lovely <3

  4. yeah lots of love for lilac nails here thanks ladies x

  5. Oooh that is so pretty! You have lovely nails :)

  6. your nails have never looked better. they are soooooo long and healthy. wow! what did you do? xx

    p.s i know, i am so late in commenting xx


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