Friday 8 July 2011

My First MAC Haul In Ages and A Magazine Freebie Round Up

Hi Guys - I promised you a little MAC haul and here it is! I have to say MAC hasn't exactly wowed me over the last few months, a combination of Project 10 Pan and a few blaah collections has meant that I haven't added to my MAC collection very much this year but the new releases this month were right up my street, but I was still a good girl and only get 3 things. I have to say that I changed my mind several times over what I actually wanted from Fashion Flower, in the end I decided to move away from the usual suspects and things that I probably had dupes of, i.e Light Sunshine and Mlle and go for something completely, first up a lipstick, can you guess which one

Yes it's Ever Hip, a bright creamy coral which is way out of my comfort zone but I have to say it's gorgeous and nowhere near as scary as I'd thought - love it :)

Next up beauty powder - I had initially intended to get Light Sunshine but the more I saw of it the more I realised I could dupe it with things I already had, after all it's only a highlight shade, so I went for Alpha Girl instead

I love the flower design and it's almost too pretty to use but I'm sure I will as it's such a gorgeous peachy pink with a bit of gold shimmer- you can't see it too well here because I've fake tanned :)

Finally my one purchase from Semi Precious - as much as I love mineralize eyeshadows I have more than enough so I passed on those, which pretty much only left the MSF's I could easily have bought 3 but I just got the one - Rose Quartz

Close up of the centre splodge

This is a gorgous peachy / pink with a mass of shimmer and glitter in the middle

I have to say this is really pretty and I'm happy to have it in my all be it small MSF collection.
So that was it my MAC duck officially broken for the year - I have to say looking forward at future collections for the rest of the year there is every possibility my MAC drought will continue, the only things that really excite me are new paintpots, and the re-release of Porcelain Pink, and Lightscapade MSF, yes you heard me Lightscapade, it's my go to winter highlight and I will definitely be picking another one up, but hopefully I can be good and only buy things that I really need.
Oh and while I'm on about hauling just a heads up on this months magazine freebies, InStyle comes with either two Body Shop eye pencils or a mascara, Cosmopolitan as you saw the other day comes with a free Missguided nail polish, and today my mum picked me up a copy of this months Marie Claire magazine and with it comes a free Ciate Lipgloss

She got me the colour Ibiza which is a super hot pink - I guess I'm thinking positive getting all these summery shades

If that one isn't to your taste you can also get a nude beige shade - not only that but next months Marie Claire comes with a free Ciate nail polish, next months Cosmo comes with free Eyelure false lashes, next months Elle comes with a choice of 3 exclusive Mavala nail polishes and Red comes with a free Balance Me body wash. I don't know what it is but magazines are really upping their game as far as free gifts are concerned. If you have any questions on anything at all please leave me a comment xx


  1. Thanks my love, according to Specktra it may be out in the Cindy Sherman collaboration in the Autumn :)

  2. i bought pink quartz today too!! Its gorgeous, i swatched the others, and all i could think of was soft and gentle everytime i swatched it on my hand, and the other goldy bronze one was similar to gold deposit which i had!

    i love ever hip too...veryy pretty


    great post xx

  3. Ahh the semi precious stuff is all so pretty. That Ciate lipgloss is gorgeous too, so bright! Great haul :)


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