Saturday 2 July 2011

Living Nature Lipstick - A Review For My Pure

After my success last month with a Living Nature Eyeshadow Duo, I decided to try another make up product from the line as part of June's My Pure reviews.

The product I decided to try from this popular New Zealand based natural toiletry and cosmetic line, was a lipstick. Seeing as the average woman ingest of 2. kilos of lipstick in her life time, Living Nature wanted to make a lipstick which is as pure and natural as possible. Recently voted as the best lipstick in The Green Parent magazine, Living Nature's lipsticks are free from lead, and contain only natural ingredients including vegetable waxes, vitamin E, and plant based squalene for added moisture - in fact Living Nature even claim that this product is safe to eat such is its purity!!

The lipsticks come boxed, and the bullet has a rubbery finish very like that used by NARS, I have mixed feelings about this packaging if I''m honest it's much easier to hold when your hands are damp but it is very hard to keep clean.

There are 10 shade to choose from and I went for the shade Dusk

I have to say I think the swatch on the website is a little off as it definitely looked lighter on the My Pure site but this is a chance you always take when ordering online - In reality Dusk is a very wearable brown / orange toned nude - here is a little swatch

and a lip shot

Despite not being exactly what I expected I've actually got a lot of wear from, and compliments on this colour - it seems to really work with my skintone. The lipstick itself has a really smooth none gritty texture, and it feels pretty moisturising on the lips, I've certainly notice no bittiness or dryness whilst using it. It also seemed to last pretty well in the warm conditions we've had over the last few weeks. My one minor complaint is the taste, I have to say I'm used to nice vanilla tasting lipsticks, this one on the other hand doesn't taste of much, maybe just a little bit waxy. The taste is something I can live with though for what is essentially a very good natural cosmetics product containing no nasties - it's another winner from Living Nature for me  :) The Living Nature Lipstick 4g is available in 10 colours and retails at £13.49 from My Pure.

(Living Nature Lipstick 4g in Dusk Was Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)


  1. Hello, I stumbled across your blog whilst searching for a review on a Barry M nail polish. I just wanted to say "hi" and I have enjoyed reading some of your past reviews of products :o)

  2. I expected Dusk to be more of a nude shade. It's still very pretty xx


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