Wednesday 6 July 2011

A Bad Girls Haulage

OK I admit I hauled as well as ordering a few bits from MAC, today we rather unexpectedly ended up at the Metro Centre. To cut a long story short I needed a new ink cartridge, nowhere near me had a one left so to Argos we headed, we got the cartridge then I had a little trip across the centre to Superdrug, and  maybe I went into Primark.....
The initial object of my desire was this and I got the last one - hurray!!

The V05 Miracle Concentrate - I've heard so many good things about this and I couldn't find it anywhere I am going to give it a go tonight as my hairdresser kindly told me that my mid lengths and ends are really dry eek!
As you've probably already guessed I also had a little look around the make section and I did pick up a few make up things - first of all I got another L'Oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadow - this time in 016 Coconut Shade, a pale vanilla shade

I have to say now I've got this home I'm not a 100% sure - it's actually a matte shade and not as pigmented as the shimmery ones nevermind I'll give it a go.

I also got a couple of items to go towards my Budget Beauty Series - first up this NYC Metro Eyeshadow Quartet in 818A Union Square

and another MUA Lipstick, this time in Shade 7

Oh and I also picked up a copy of this months Cosmopolitan which comes with a free Missguided nail polish, I love Missguided polishes (see here for my previous reviews) and there are 3 colours to choose from I went for Misstique, a gorgeous turquoise / teal

I also popped into Primark, I wasn't intending too but there were sale signs in the window and a Primark sale really does mean a bargain. As per usual it was crammed but I managed to pick up a few bits including
this crinkle maxi skirt for £5

and this cotton beach maxi dress for only £3

I also got these earmuffs for 50p - yes I know it's summer but for the price it was well worth picking them up

Next up some jewellery bits - bracelets

and a ring set

and finally I picked up a few cosmetics bits again to go towards my Budget Beauty series - My Hearts Desire Shimmer Blush Hearts

and a Smoke Screen Smokey Eye Kit - first impressions of this I have to say are good

Obviously full reviews of these to come - oh and if your a North East dweller Metro Centre Primark is on the move, it's taking over both levels of the former Woolworths and Internacionale stores, so it's going to be huge! and the rumour is Forvever 21 is taking over Primarks current stores woohoo!!!
Anyways that was my unexpected haul - Obviously I'll post my MAC haul when it comes but hopefully that will be it  for this month now x Next up a review post - Any questions please ask xx


  1. Great Haul! My Primark never seems to do the make-up items!:( x

  2. Ahh I love Primark so much, the few makeup bits I've tried from them have been really good! I'd love to see what's in that smokey kit :)

  3. The V05 miracle stuff looks great.


  4. I saw the Metro Primark was on the move last week! It's gonna be HUGE! Even more mess to sort though when you're looking for something!! Pleased I don't have to tidy that at closing time!!


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