Sunday 10 July 2011

Budget Beauty Series - Lacura Beauty at Aldi

Now lets be honest Aldi isn't the first place you think of when you think of make up, but over the last few years Aldi has became somewhat of a beauty secret. A firm favourite of magazine and newspaper beauty columns the Aldi Lacura skincare line, has proved a real hit with those in the know, with products from their Anti-Ageing line winning awards in magazine such as Yours and Celebs on Sunday, it's not really surprising when you consider that the mahority of items are under £7.00 which really isn't bad when you thing how much anti-ageing creams are at the beauty counter.
.Whilst I haven't tried any of their anti-aging lines I have tried a few of their skincare items and the items I've tried I have to say have become firm favourites, I've previousy reviewed a few things for you and I have to say I particularly love the Balancing Day Cream at just £1.99 and (whispers) I always have a packet of the 3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes For Normal Skin which are a bargain at around 77p in my drawer, in fact everytime I got to Aldi (once every month or so) I always stock up.
Make Up though is another matter, to be honest I'd seen a few make up items in the skincare section at Aldi but I'd never taken much notice or even contemplated trying anything but one day while my mum was doing her usual thing of talking to every person in the shop I took a closer look at the items. I have to say I was impressed for those of you have just glanced in the beauty section whilst doing a bargain shop I recommend you take another look. Under their Lacura Beauty line they do a full range of products including foundations, powders, blush, mascara, an under eye concealer that I have heard compared to a certain one by YSL, nail varnish,  lipsticks, lipglosses and of course eyeshadows, and do you know what ? everything is under £3 !!

I have to say I was hesitant could anything this cheap really be any good, so I had a little look at the all be it well worn tasters and started off simple and bought a lipgloss. All the products are boxed and sealed so you can guarantee that your products is kept free from prying eyes and sticky fingers. The lipgloss come in a sponge wand type applicator with a gunmetal effect plastic cap which reminds me a bit of a space rocket.

There several colours to choose from (sorry I can't remember how many or what shades they were ) but the one I chose was 200 Coral

It isn't a bright coral pink as the name would suggest, it's actually more a subtle peachy / pink with a touch of shimmer- on my lips it's a great neutral gloss.

I have to say I love the feel of this gloss, it feels so moisturising on the lips and it isn't drying at all. It tastes a little florally but no matter for £1.99 for 8ml this gloss is well worth it and is currently one of my go to lip products. Oh and yes I did buy this in 2009 but it is still exactly the same taste and texture as it always was.

A few months after the lipgloss purchase I picked up another item from the Lacura Beauty range - this time a duo eyeshadow in 202 Olive - again the product comes boxed and sealed so you know you are getting an untouched shadow. The large eyeshadow compact again comes in the gunmetal shade which makes it look a lot more expensive than it it

Also surprisingly for a cheaper product is the large mirror inside the compact, often companies skimp on packaging to save money, but not Lacura Beauty,

yes you get a sponge applicator, which is ok in an emergency but that's about the only minor fail, the packaging is first class. The duo I got Olive is unsurprisingly a green duo, you got a paler and a darker colour green shot through with a little bit of gold

The shadows feel incredibly smooth and they are super pigmented

They apply easily to the eyes, and blend pretty well too, I was also pretty impressed with the blending ability -a few eye shots :)

All in all I have to say that these shadows are majorly impressive, they even lasted quite a while on the lids, you would never think even just by looking at the compact that you had just paid £1.99, their soft and pigmented everything you could want really. Again these came in quite a few colours so they are definitely worth checking out.
Although I bought these products a little while ago, they are still sold in Aldi for exactly the same prices - so check out the website to see a little more of the range. Next time your Aldi I would definitely check the Lacura Beauty range out believe me there are gems in both the skincare and as I've discovered the make up too. If you have any questions please let me know xx

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I really want to try some of this brand but there isn't an Aldi anywhere near me :(


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