Monday 11 July 2011

Nails Of The Day - Goldfinger Do Do Do, The Girl With The Midas Touch and An Update x

Happy Monday my sweets I hope you all had a lovely weekend - mine was pretty up and down but very productive I took lots of blog photos and edited them all up, and I also took a pile of pics taken for ebay (check out the ebay link in the sidebar I am selling some genuine Gucci shoes!!!). On Sunday I posted my first post in the Budget Beauty Series, as yet it's had no love which is a shame but hey ho, I don't always have time to post comments and I know other people are often the same. I also made some lovely gluten free cheese scones (that's them above) - I really enjoy baking in fact the only reason I don't do more of it is that I have to eat the fruits of my labour lol, which reminds me I put a pound on the week which doesn't really surprise me as I ate like a piggy last week but I'm vowing to try harder now. I don't really have any specific post plans this week, maybe a tag, and a review, but I'm starting off with a nails of the day x

Apologies in advance for the cheeysy title but I have to say I love my glittery, metallic and holographic nail polishes so I was delighted to recieve this gorgeous glittery gold  Culford Gardens in my recent Nails Inc special haul . At first glance I thought this was almost identical to Nails Inc Westminster Abbey which I picked up in the special Royal Collection, but on the nails it looks a little darker and dare I say even more glittery - apologies for the bad paint job, the gross burn on my finger, and a bit of a self tan disaster, but I hope you can see the sparkle

Any questions please ask x kiss kiss xx


  1. I love that nail colour, it's so pretty and pink for a gold!

  2. Wow that polish looks gorgeous! V. jealous! xx

  3. That polish looks wonderful, really nice shade :) xoxox


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