Thursday 7 July 2011

My Long Promised Review Of Revlon Color Stay Mineral Mousse Foundation

I said a few days ago that July was going to be the month were I tackled my Coming Soon post list and so far so good I have two long promised posts to go up before this week is out, starting with this one.
A little while ago (I'm talking a good 6 months +) I bought a few different Revlon foundations to try out including Color Stay, Beyond Natural, and this one Color Stay Mineral Mousse SPF 20.

Designed to be long lasting Color Stay Mineral Mousse provides the benefits of mineral make up in an easy to use mousse with a matte finish. The product comes in an easy to use squeezy black tube with a clear section so you can see the colour. I like this type of packaging as not only is it super easy to use but you can also cut it in half to make sure you use every drop of product making it super economical, My one complaint is that the black packaging can look a bit grubby but it's pretty easy to clean.

The colour I chose was Light but there are several shades to choose from. Light I have to say is a pretty good match for my skin at this time of year where my skin isn't as pale as it is in the depth of winter but at the same time it doesn't have any real colour yet. The foundation itself has a thickish mousse like texture and feels very smooth on the skin. It has a very faint slightly chemical slightly fruity smell, I tried a few different ways of application including using a foundation brush and a sponge but I found the best way to apply was with my fingers and blending it out with a damp sponge. Now for some pictures:

As you can see my skin is pretty shiny with lots of redness and a few blemishes - scary!


In this pictures I am just wearing this foundation. As you can see it gives a good even full coverage, covering everything from redness and blemishes. It has a matte finish which I have to say I prefer with my oily combination skin and above all it seems to last. My one complaint is that you do seem to use a lot of product, so it probably won't last that long but I have to say I love this and will definitely repurchase. It retails at around £10.29 from the likes of Boots but search on the internet and you can easily buy it for half price. Any questions please ask xx

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