Monday 4 July 2011

Another Week Begins

Hello my loves I hope you all had a lovely weekend mine was quiet but fairly productive. Today's been a bit of a mixed bag if I'm honest. I had a doctors appointment this afternoon which I wasn't looking forward to - I get so fed up of medical appointments all the time, but thankfully this one wasn't so bad, my meds are staying the way they are for another few months at least, and I've lost another 2lbs :) Today also saw the online release of two new MAC collections, as you know MAC hasn't exactly rocked my world lately but these two collections Fashion Flower and Semi Precious definitely appealed. I was a bit indecisive over what to buy but I settled on 3 things, which alas take me over my July limit already whoops a daisy. Never mind I'll show you some pics of what I got when the parcels come through x As well as my MAC haul I also have a few other posts planned for this week including at least one NOTD, a foundation review, and the the first post in my Budget Beauty series focusing on Aldi Lacura, Till then I'm keeping my fingers crosses that the weather stays fine and I'm enjoying an I've lost weight treat Scottish Raspberries with Cornish Ice Cream - Nom Nom :)

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  1. I'm glad your doctors appointment went well! Congratulations on the weight loss. Mmmm raspberries.


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