Tuesday 19 July 2011

ELF Goodies Courtesy Of Momma Lou - Swatches and a Mini Review

Hi Guys
I'm always a bit of a sucker for a discount code and over the weekend the fabulous people at ELF had a free shipping code when you purchased £10 or more worth of goodies. Disaster though I am really watching my spends this month after a lot of splurges last month and at the beginning of this month, so I really don't have any dosh at the moment, step forward my usual knight in shining armour, well a top, skirt and a cardi - Mummy Lou. She kindly lent me her little piece of lovely plastic to purchase a few treats so long as I stuck to pretty much the £10 limit. Well the eventual bill came to just £10.50 so I did ok I think. I noticed a lot of new studio products on the site so I ordered 3 things.

First up I ordered the the Studio SPF 20 Tinted Moisturiser - I'd wanted this since it came out but it never seemed to be in stock, so when I saw it was in stock I got it

It comes in a very similar tube to the Revlon Mineral Mousse black with just a clear section so you can see the product. The colour I went for was Nude which seems to be a pretty good match for my skin - it actually gives pretty good coverage for a tinted moisturiser - I'm pretty impressed so far I have to say apart from the smell which is pretty chemically but for £3.50 you can't really argue

Next up I ordered a cream eyeshadow, as you know I love my cream eyeshadows for quickness and for using as bases, I like the normal elf duo cream eyeshadows so I thought I'd try one. The first thing you notice about these shadows is the size of the pot, it is huge, here a pic of it with my Blackberry so you can get an idea of the size!

The shade I went for was the most neutral Candlelight - a slightly shimmery ivory

Its has quite a dense texture that remind me a bit of MAC Paintpots, or Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows, a little swipe is all you need for super pigmented creamy colour - Momma Lou is a big fan of this and has already borrowed it - I guess she's allowed since she paid for it ;)

The final item I got was another one of the new introductions, the Matte Lip Color

These are twist up lip colours in a pen style applicator the colour I went for is Natural - a nice neutral pink shade

It seems quite smooth and it's really well pigmented, my one minor complaint is the taste which is a bit plasticy, never mind it's a pretty colour and I am sure the taste can be remedied with a bit of yum tasting lipgloss or balm

At just £3.50 per item I am pretty pleased with these three items, yet again ELF shows itself to be a brand where the quality defies the price. The cream shadows are probably my pick and I can definitely see myself  picking up a few more colours. If you have any questions or ELF recommendations please let me know xx


  1. I like the look of the matte lip colours, will have to wait until my funds allow it! x

  2. I really need to try more ELF. Everyone always has such good things to say about them!
    Fab post xx

  3. I do love ELF for a budget treat - I actually love their mineral line the best, especially the eyeshadows!

  4. That matte lip colour looks lovely, I bet it will really suit you! I love ELF, their studio blushes are just fantastic!

  5. Thanks everyone happy with my haul so far x
    @Fudgesmoothies - the colours are really nice but the taste is a bit odd a gloss or balm over the top definitely helps thou x
    @Mizzworthy - I definitely agree there is a one called natural maybe which I love
    @Lillian - yes I lvoe the studio blush too definitely need a few more of the newer colours x

  6. The cream eyeshadow is lovely isn't it :) I definitely want to try the others!


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