Monday 25 July 2011

Reflections and Positivity

Well I can safely say it's been an awful week on the little planet we call the earth, so many lives, all lost needlessly, in Norway, China and of course in Camden. All lives are precious no matter who, or how someone has lived their life, everybody is someones son or daughter, brother, sister or friend, and I don't think we should forget that x
Anyways looking forward with love and positivity, things are looking brighter in LouLouLand, I've had a bad few weeks if I'm honest, feel less than motivated, irritable and sometimes as if I'm wasting my time even bothering to blog. I don't know what triggered it but I've fell a little out of love with social media, and I've started to feel some of the pressures and irritations that it brings. So again, and yes I sound like a broken record I am going to focus on the positives, you may notice a slightly reduced twitter presence but I need to distance myself from some of the negative stuff that keeps occurring, when your not in a good place you need to keep yourself as happy as possible, so that's what I'm going to do x
Thankfully I'm feeling more positive about my blog now already I may not have as many followers as some people but the ones I have are super loyal and I really appreciate everyone of you x This week on LouLouLand you can expect to see quite a few posts including this months My Pure reviews, a NOTD, and hopefully the next installment in my Budget Beauty Series - I know I promised this one last week but I didn't anticipate the sheer amount of pictures that I had, lol I will probably end up splitting the post into two, I am nothing if not through lol
Anyways I am sorry if this post feels like a bit of a vest but sometimes you just need to let it out x Thanks for reading and above all thanks for following xx

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