Saturday 9 July 2011

Budget Beauty Series - An Introduction

For a little while know I've been promising you something called The Budget Beauty Series, well on the eve of the first post in the series I thought I'd do a little post telling you all about the series and about how you can get involved.

Despite my recent MAC haul like pretty much everyone else in the country I'm having to cut back a bit on my spending, a few life changes recently means that spending money on clothes and above all make up is just no longer a priority for me. Still desperate for a purchasing high I decided to have a look on the high street and in our fabulous UK drugstores to see what they had to offer in terms of affordable,  no lets be blunt here cheap make up. From several of these purchasing high expeditions the Budget Beauty Series was born. Basically what it's going to be as a showcase and review of some of the cheapest make up brands on the UK high street. I've found affordable make up brands in lots of unexpected places, so this series is your chance to see how these cheaper brands compare, and perform. Every post in the series will focus on one brand that I've perceived as a budget brand, there is no exact science to how I've selected which brands to include, I've mainly chosen brands where the majority of items are under £5.

The post will basically be an overview of the brand as well as a review and swatches of the items that I've personally bought. Up until this point I haven't received anything for the series from any PR companies or brands, I've bought everything myself.Obviously some brands will have slightly bigger posts than others, some products and ranges have been either more appealing to me or easier to access, but I will be including at least two items from every range, including foundations, nail polish, lip things, mascaras and more. How can you help? well basically I'd love your feedback, you can see some of the brands I'll be featuring in the Coming Soon section of my side bar, but which brands would you like to see? and are there any products in particular from the brands I'm already featuring that you would like to see. I've already had lots of requests for product reviews from the Make Up Academy (MUA) line, in fact this is one brand that I own an awful lot from so I will be splitting this into 2 posts, the original MUA line, and MUA Professional, but what brand would you like to see featured? I'd really appreciate your feedback so I can tailor the posts to include what you want to see. The first post should be up sometime tomorrow afternoon and it features a few products from the Aldi Lacura line, so don't forget to check back tomorrow to have a read. If you have any questions or comments please let me know xx
(Pics Taken From We Heart It )


  1. This is such a fab idea!! Can't wait to start reading the posts xxx

  2. MUA & Beauty UK, i need to buy some makeup for some of my less fortunate family members in my parents home country. and i would love to know the products well worth buying


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