Friday 22 October 2010

NARS and Nail Polish Buys x

OK my loves yet another haul post,  first up a couple of  nail polishes from ebay including this one Essie - Sew Psyched - I've seen this on a few people and it's not like anything I already own - it's a kind of a khaki shade :)

Next up something I saw on the Specktra swatch thread - admittedly it was the name that attracted me but it is a gorgeous blue colour, a bit darker than it appears here  blues are so hard to photograph but I do love my blue polishes a lot so much so in fact I have a blue nail polish post currently in production, so don't forget to keep checking back if your interested. Anyways the polish is by Zoya and the colour is Tallulah :)

I also got a free polish through the post yesterday from Barbara Daly at Tesco's as I thank you for sending in a beauty tip, the colour I think is Velvet a gorgeous shimmery burgundy ideal for Autumn / Winter.

Swatches in order :)

I was also a bad girl last week and ordered a couple of things from NARS - first up a Nail Polish from the new vintage collection I saw this on a few blogs when I got back from my hols and I had to have it - Mash - a gorgeous olive green / gold

I also got an item from my wishlist Nars Powder Blush in Deep Throat - I've wanted this for ages and it is soooo pretty

I could have bought so much more but I stopped there - I did get a little free gift though which I am really excited to try a mini NARS Nails Polish in Orgasm - a shimmery peach colour exactly like the blush

Nail Polish Swatches x

Any questions, you know the drill xx

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