Sunday 17 October 2010

A Parcel From Lydia and NOTD

The last parcel that came when I was on my hols came from the lovely Lydia from Alice In A New Wonderland - a little while ago I sent her some goodies to celebrate her graduation despite me saying that she needn't return the favour, because she is such a lovely girls she did and sent my a parcel :)
I'm sorry it's taken me almost a week to write this post but I've been trying to catch up on things which has taken more energy and time than I thought :( So last Monday we picked the kitty cats up from the cattery calling in at the post depot in the way back so I could collect my parcel. When I saw the stamps on the front I knew it was from Lydia, and I couldn't wait to get home to open it :)

First of all she got me some skin and nail care things including several items from the brand Essence - I think this is a European brand although all be it one which isn't very widely available in the UK. I've had a few things from them before that if I remember rightly I bought in Spain - she kindly sent me some Essence Pocket Beauty Oil Control Papers, some Essence Mini Spa Eye and Face Pads which are shaped like cucumber slices I can't wait to try these on my eyes, especially since I think I'm getting a cold, and some Witch Clear Pore Gel which I can't wait to try, although thankfully at the moment my skin is a little dryer due to the sun but when it goes back to normal I will be giving this a try. She also enclosed a packet of Essence Nail Stickers - you can't see them too clearly in the pic above so here is a close up pic :)

She also sent me a few eye products an Essence Multi Action Mascara, and a Deborah Glitter Eyeliner in 03 Violet a gorgeous purple colour :)

The next product really excited me the Kiko Sun Mousse Eyeshadow in 04 Light Green - a goregous creamy mousse texture and a gorgeous colour - I've already tried this and it wears really well too x

The lovely Lydia was also kind enough to send me a load of nail polishes as per usual the purples aren't showing up to well but from left to right - Essence Colour & Go  - 20 Wild (purple) , Debby Colourplay 82, Essence Multi Dimensional Polish - 57 Love Of Pink, Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat A060, and Essence Multi Dimensional - 55 Spot On (Mauve / Purple)

Swatches in same order - the purple and mauve again aren't showing up very accurately

and finally a little NOTD with Debby Colourplay 82, it's a much brighter but pale pink in real life - this is two coats x

I  just want to say a huge thank you to Lydia she really didn't need to send me anything but I am so happy that she did - thank you my love x

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  1. :*** you always deserve a treat!
    The eye pads are really useful, can't wait to hear your opinion about them!


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