Tuesday 12 October 2010

My Rather Large MAC Venomous Villains Haul and More (Pic Heavy)

OK you may wonder why I've started a haul post with a beautiful view of a sun terrace and the ocean, on a a gorgeous sunny day all be it taken on my camera phone, well a week past Monday whilst I was on my hols in Cyprus MAC Venomous Villains launched online. The picture is the view out of the lobby window whilst I was sitting on a computer for €6 an hour INDOORS waiting for the collection to launch on the UK site. Dedication I think so - I have to say I love Disney so the packaging automatically appealed, and some of the colours appeared to be right up my street - it really excited me more than any other MAC collection for a while. Thankfully we had someone looking after the house so I was able to place my order - I have to admit I got way more than I intended too - I trimmed my original wish list right down but when it came to the crunch I ended up buying all the things I'd originally wanted -  so on with the haul that I missed a rep meeting and an hour in the sun for - no swatches as you've probably seen so many already - if you'd like to see some though let me know :)

First of all my favourite collection and the one I bought the most from - Cruella :) A film I always found super stressful to watch (I always thought she'd get the puppies) but she was so fabulously nasty in it and I loved her hair :) The first thing I got from Cruella was one of the things I knew I needed - the Beauty Powder in Her Own Devices

The next two items I'd originally wanted but they were trimmed from my eventual list only to throw themselves into my basket ;) - a lipglass in Devilishly Stylish

and the nude lippy Innocence, Beware

Next up Evil Queen - the nasty one from Snow White of course, thank goodness for the dwarfs, again the Beauty Powder was my must have - Oh So Fair

That was originally going to be it but maybe it was the heat and the thought of such a gorgeous coral colour on tanned skin but Bite Of An Apple blush became mine too :)

Next up the newest of the villains from Princess and The Frog I have to admit I haven't seen this although I remember the story; this has recently been released on DVD so this probably explains why Disney wanted MAC to include such an obscure villain - the only thing that really intrigued me was the magically cool liquid powders, which I believe were originally in the Prescriptives line - I ordered Truth and Light and I have to say it's really pretty a gorgeous, pale peach glow :) I was also surprised at the size of the pot I was expecting it to be much smaller

The last things I ordered from VV's as it's now been called were from Maleficent - in other words the bad fairy from Sleeping Beauty, spinning wheels and all that - she really is scary even to look at - been green and with horns -eeek Anyways the must haves from this part of the collection were the nail polishes - I'd already bought Orly Space Cadet which was a dupe of Mean and Green and the only one I desperately wanted was Bad Fairy - my pics really don't do it justice it is a beaut a red, yellow and copper sparkle ideal as many people have said for the festive season :)

So that was my Venomous Villains haul but that wasn't all I ordered - first of all I added a lipstick from Fabulous Felines to my order Pet Me, Please - a lovely frosty pink nude

and I also got the Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

I have to say that wasn't it though (feels slightly embarrassed!!) arriving in Larnaca airport on Sunday afternoon, after the horrors of check in, in nearly 30 degree heat we noticed, Mummy LouLou with horror in her eyes and me with lust, that Larnaca airports duty free had expanded dramatically Hello MAC Counter :)

It wasn't the biggest but it would have been wrong not to look - The prices were about the same but I have to say Maleficent I am sorry I ignored you - quite a few bits of VV had sold out but I had some time to play and swatch on the counter and  you guessed it I got some more things, first of all Briar Rose Beauty Powder -  I had considered this to be fair but everyone said it was easy to dupe - but at first swipe it was love - sorry the pic of the compact isn't too good but it is so shiny

Next another nail polish Formidable, again I heard it was dupeable but it looked so pretty with the fluro lighting shining on it, it had to be mine - again the pics aren't doing it justice x

So that was it then I spotted a little section on the counter with a couple of pigments and low and behold they had one I really fancied Lithe from Fabulous Felines - I skipped felines initially but I've seen the pigment in YT vids and so on and I have to say I liked it but it had gone from the UK site :( but being in super haul mode I got the last one and the last Formidable from Larnaca duty free- evil villainous laugh ;)

So that really is it probably my hugest MAC haul ever and I have to say my last for some time I am well and truly stocked up :) Next up some pics from my holiday then a holiday haul probably in 2 parts  ;) If you have any questions or if you would like any swatches please let me know xx


  1. Sheesh. Great haul! Hope u had a fab hol! x

  2. What a lot!!!
    Am I the only woman in the world who thinks the Disney/MAC range is naff? I don't buy MAC anyway as I think it's over-hyped but no way would I buy Disney-related stuff.

    I think it must be my age because all you younger bloggers seem to love it. I'm just a sourpuss.

  3. So jealous of your late summer getaway! I love Cyprus, such a lovely place!
    Also, amazing haul! I originally wanted Bite of an Apple but I had to let it go after I realised it's quite similar to Hipness!

  4. I love this collection, so cute and quirky. I'm seriously tempted to go to MAC now! xx

  5. yay for your haul (^_^) cant wait to see your looks with these babies


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