Monday 25 October 2010

Goods and Bads

I'm sorry that I haven't managed to do one of these since before my holidays but hopefully this one will be one big catch up x

  • I had a fabulous holiday - the food and the weather were amazing I really and properly relaxed for the first time in ages
  • I bought some gorgeous things, that I am loving using especially my bits from VV's, Lithe pigment, and my Estee Lauder Stay In Place Cream Shadow
  • Currently waiting for a few parcels some things for me and some Christmas shopping I've started early this year and I feel great about things already
  • I have new make up storage :) - I went to Ikea last week with my mum and we got some new drawer units to house all my make up and nail polishes - we also made a few changes in my room too - It's ongoing but I can't wait to show you when I'm finished - if you'd like to see that is ;)
  • If you follow me on twitter you'll know that my auntie was taken to hospital seriously ill whilst we were away -she has an aneurysm on her aorta :( It was touch and go for a few days but she is stable again and has been allowed home to rest before having serious heart surgery towards the end of this week or the beginning of next week :(
  • I don't really feel as though I have any right to complain when I look at her situation but I really haven't been well over the last two weeks - maybe my holidays have caught up with me, or maybe I've been doing to much work on my room but I feel awful and have pains everywhere. My mum thinks I should go back to the doctors but I have to say I'm not keen, apart from the fact all they can do it give me more painkillers, my doctor has left the practise :( , and one of the others is on maternity leave so I would more than likely get a locum and have to explain my illness history from day one :( If I still feel this bad next week I will have to go
  • Money - need I say more I have a little bit of savings for Christmas but I really need to get listing on ebay again
Sorry that was a bit if a misery post I will try to be more positive next time - oh and another good more new followers - huge thanks my lovely people I really appreciate it, and all your lovely comments even if I don't always respond xxx

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  1. Oh god I hope your auntie is ok and hope the surgery goes ok.

    Its horrible when you are in pain you poor thing. I have been in a lot of pain recently with my back and shoulders and have been hardly sleeping. I have been seeing a physio.
    Hope you feel better soon


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