Saturday 30 October 2010

Lovea Bio L'Argan Healing Butter - A Review For My Pure x

The second product I chose to review for My Pure was another product by French brand Lovea Bio. I've done a few reviews from this brand so far and apart from a few quirks I've generally been quite impressed. Lovea as you probably already know are a certified organic brand who respect not only the wider environment but also the people within it, they are a real feel good company.

The product I chose this time was the Lovea Bio L'Argan Healing Butter, as well as containing Argan Oil, it also contains popular, natural moisturising ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil and Beeswax

I'll start at the first thing you notice this product and that is the packaging - I have to say I love it, an old fashioned shoe polish style metal tin - so retro and I have to say it looks great on the bathroom shelf.

I selected this sample as a body butter but in reality it has much more of a balm, wax type texture as opposed to the traditional butter feel.

With a waxy balm texture it feels quite thick and greasy initially but it melts quickly on contact with the skin and applies easily to the skin. It does take a while to sink in and it does leave the skin a little tacky but it leaves a lovely sheen to the skin, and leaves it fragranced with the traditional citrus, nutty Lovea fragrance

Recommended for the drier areas on your body such as your feet, elbows and knees, I have to say after my holidays I used this all over my arms and legs to try and keep my tan a bit longer, but before hand I used this as an intensive foot treatment, wearing cotton socks and as an intensive hand and cuticle treatment, putting it on my hands and then wearing some gloves overnight.

I have to say I've used this a fair few times and as you can see there is loads left in the 100ml tin. If you just used it say as a hand and foot treatment it would of course last must longer because you really don't need very much to see results.

The only drawback is a say is that it does leave the skin a little tacky, but Lovea and My Pure do recommend that you apply this after a bath or shower, I am sure putting on a pair of cozy pyjamas after a nice bath would help you to see the maximum benefit of the butter, without worry about the residue on the skin. The Lovea Bio L'Argan Healing Butter retails at £7.99 for 100ml from My Pure Any questions please ask x

(The product was provided for review purposes - this hasn't altered my review in any way)

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