Sunday 17 October 2010

Some Holiday NOTD's

When I was one my holidays I have to admit I changed the polish on my fingers and toes pretty much everyday to go with my evening outfits #saddo I managed to take a few pics of some of the colours that I wore so I thought I'd show you - apologies in advance some of these are toenails of the day so look away now if you have a toe phobia ;) also apologies that some of these manicures aren't the neatest - I only took polish remover wipes so I couldn't really touch up. Any questions please let me know xx

First up a gorgeous summery pink Boots No17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Pink Grapefruit - a perfect colour on tanned skin

Next up a mini from Leighton Denny - Sugar Daddy - a beautiful bronze /copper colour again lovely with a tan


Next up another No17 Fast Finish Nail Polish this time in Catwalk Couture a great bright turquoise colour

And finally another mini polish - polishes this size are surprisingly great value and are the best thing for holidays. This one is a bright red Nails Inc - St James's



  1. I really must get me some Boots 17. Cheerful funky colours.

  2. Love the Leighton Denny colour. It's a really summary colour! x


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