Wednesday 13 October 2010

Holiday Haul Part 1 - Accessories

Every time I go anywhere I can't resist a bit of shopping and my hols were no different as per usual I bought a few bits including a Cats of Cyprus Calender, some sun catchers, and a very funny Cats of Cyprus t-shirt for bed but I also bought a few accessories and beauty bits. I am going to stick it into a couple of posts for you but I thought you might like to see what I picked up - first of all accessories :)
The one thing I always seem to buy in Cyprus is fashion jewellery - and this visit was no exception - first of all earrings :)

These ones in particular called to me a real girl themed pair, with little shoes, perfume bottles, mirrors, and gloves in a copper / bronze tone

I also got these ones in a gold / bronze tone cute little flowers

and these chandeliers in gold tone with tiny crystals

I think I mentioned in last years Cyprus haul that you tend to get a lot of free gifts with purchases and more often than not they are earrings I got another two free pairs this year, large metal discs one in pale blue and one in white

I also bought a few necklaces including some from the 70% off rack which is always good, first of all this one with silver rings, beads, and blue beads

I also got this one which is so me, a silver strand with black Mary Quant esq daisies

and finally I got the gold tone one which had little round and oval rings hanging from it

I also bought a couple of accessory bits including this Leopard print scarf which is huge irl

 this MJ Stam a like bag :) which I love :)

Any questions on anything please let me know xx Next up beauty goodies :)


  1. LOVE the gold chandelier earrings ... there gorgeous!!

  2. love them all especially the bag and the necklaces!


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