Wednesday 13 October 2010

A Few Holiday Photos x

I thought I'd break up the haulage posts with some pics of my holidays - I know some people find holiday pics boring but I thought you might like to see some anyways xx

My hotel room - gorgeous all in blue, whites. mustards and lined wood- the hotel has had a major refurbishment over the winter and it really shows

Complimentary wine and fruit because we were repeat guests

View from the balcony - the good things about this hotel is over 90% of the room have at least a partial sea view

The pool area - a total suntrap

Holiday cocktails this one is a Traffic Light 

Pics from a trip to Ayia Napa

Protaras by night x

Customary beach shot :)

Finally a sign that made me laugh x currying cash indeed x

Hope you enjoyed next up a holiday accessory haul x


  1. Looks gorgeous, where did you go? x

  2. Cyprus :) It was gorgeous I love the place :)

  3. all your pictures look GORGEOUS hun .. hope you had a FANTASTIC time!


  4. OMG I want to go there now. It looks awesome!


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