Wednesday 20 October 2010

Garden Pharmacy, Lloyds and Boots - Collective Shopping

I'm sorry it's taken a little while to get this post up but I thought I'd try and lump as much together as I could :) First of all Garden Pharmacy - I am a big fan of this company even more so when I got an email telling me my reward points total which equalled a lovely discount - they have a really good rewards scheme where you earn points for everything you buy which you can use against future purchases :) So with my discount points I placed a little order including a couple of Estee Lauder items first up Vanilla Truffle lipstick - I looked for this in the airport but I couldn't find it so I thought I'd get it- it is a lovely nude shade not to pale and not too dark

Next up another Estee Lauder purchase the Double Wear Stay In Place Shadow Creme in Ivory Lace - a gorgeous nude, champagne colour - this stuff lasts - countless hand washes and a bath later and you could still see the swatch :)

Because I'd ordered 2  Estee Lauder products I qualified for a free gift set which included a mini Perfectly Clear Fresh Balancing Toner, a mini Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara, and  a full size Automatic Pencil For Lips in 21 Fig

Swatch for the pencil :)

If you know me when I reveal the next item you'll be asking me why - traditionally not a fan of Chanel Nail Colours this one really appealed 493 Jade Rose

I've been wearing a lot of these nude. pinks lately and this one is so pretty I still think they are overpriced tho ;)

I also picked up some more Mavala nail items even though I am going to be trying something new, more on that to come, and the La Roche Posay Effaclar M moisturiser cream which I've heard so many good things about x

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you there is another moisturiser in the picture, in a little order from Lloyds Pharmacy I also picked up the Vichy Normaderm one that seems to be advertised in every magazine you pick up - again something to try and tame my evil pores.

The main thing in my Lloyds order was a perfume - I've gone a bit perfume daft lately and this was another one I looked for in the airport but alas they all seemed to be gone it's the Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties in Love - The original Love is my favourite fragrance but this one seems to be a different maybe less sweet and a bit warmer, and the bottle is so cute

Next up Boots, I ordered something for my godmothers birthday pressie, and added a couple of bits for moi - first of all the Bourjois Bio Detox foundation - this purchase has worried me a bit now tho before it was released I had so much good stuff about it but since then I've head nothing but bad things - eek still I'll give it a go and form my own view x

Lastly I took advantage of last weeks Boots better than half price weekly offer and bought the FrontCover To Go Kit

I love the other shadow palettes by FrontCover that I have and I'm sure this one will be no exception the colours are gorgeous and really pigmented, but the big bonus for this kit is that you can take up to 4 colours out at once and put them in a specially designed compact

A brilliant idea I'm sure you'll agree the only problem is they are pretty tricky to pop out never mind the goods certainly outweigh the bads and this palette is a goodie if you would like any watches please let me know- it's still on sale in Boots although it's back to full price now :(
So that was it my haulage I've got a couple of bits still to come eek including some Nars (smack me now!), Accessorize, ebay and a little bit of ASOS then I'm seriously calming it down. Any questions or if you would like any reviews please let me know xx


  1. Great haul! I'm waiting on my shop getting in the Harajuku Lovers perfume, still waiting on allocation for stock :( x

  2. oooh what a wonderful haul!!!


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