Saturday 16 October 2010

Don't You Just Love Coming Home To Packages :)

Well don't you ? A huge thank you must go out to my Godparents who kept an eye on the post for us whilst we were on holiday, so thanks to them as well as my boxes from MAC I also got several other fabbity fab packages. Firstly ebay, I've discovered my nail polish mojo big style over the last few months so many amazing new colours and finishes have came onto the market and I've just been super weak first of all I got a few polishes from the new OPI Swiss Collection, first of all I got The Colour To Watch -a lovely shimmery purple / mauve

and I also got Yodel Me On My Cell - an amazing shimmering teal blue colour - I really love colours like this

After watching a recent Lollipop26 nail polish haul I also got my first Color Club polish 852 Revvvolution -  a gorgeous shimmery charcoal, silver grey

Swatches in order 2 coats on white paper x

OK I was a bad, bad girl but if you read my posts on the brilliant Orly Space Cadet you'll know that I fell majorly in love with Orly Cosmic collection so I couldn't resist buying another couple of colours from the collection - first of all I got Halleys Comet a gorgeous multi toned teal, turquoise, green

and Lunar Eclipse - an amazing blue, and purple multi coloured sparkle

Swatches, again 2 coats on white paper L-R - Halleys Comet and Lunar Eclipse x

I also had a little parcel from Sleek waiting for me, I saw a couple of preview pictures of these two items from some lucky bloggers who got the chance to try them and I knew I had to have them. First up the powder blush in Rose Gold 926 - a gorgeous golden peach very like Nars Orgasm

I have to say I have lots of blushers in this colour family but this one is sooo pretty I just couldn't resist

Next up I got a Pout Polish in 942 Powder Pink

 I've had one of these before in a different colour but I just didn't suit me so I passed it on, this tho is very me a gorgeous pink colour

So they we are the goodies that arrived whilst I way bar one parcel that deserves a post in it's own right, that will be right up after a few NOTD's from my holidays. Again if you would like any reviews or if you have any questions please let me know xx


  1. Love the look of Yodel Me On My Cell...actually they all look great!

    Getting packages is fab! :)

    Fee x

  2. The Colour To Watch looks gorgeous! I need that Seek Powder Pink Lip Conditioner in my life! I have the bright pink one but this one looks lovely!

  3. Ohhhh theres nothing better then coming home to parcels xx

  4. Great haul! Those Orly ones especially look fab! x

  5. You've got some lovely stuff there! :) And yes i love getting packages, it's like Christmas! x


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