Thursday 7 October 2010

A Review Of The ELF Studio Kabuki Face Brush

I must apologise a review of this brush was requested erm how can I say this months and months ago when I actually bought it and you've had to wait for the miracle of scheduled posting to see it - sorry I'm a bad LouLou. Anyways I purchased this brush for a number of reasons , first of all I love ELF brushes, they are great value for money, they aresynthetic and the Studio ones especially are super soft, secondly I already have the ELF face kabuki from the Mineral line and I have to say I hate it, it's hard and dare I say it even a little bit scratchy. So looking a for a cruelty free kabuki, I ordered the Studio Face Kabuki.

A duo fibre brush made from synthetic, anti-bactrial Taklon this one is the complete opposite to the mineral one - it so, so soft anf fluffy so much so that Tallulah actually stole it and lay with it in her doughnut thinking it was a mouse (don't worry I throughly cleaned it afterwards ;). The hairs are quite densely packed but being so soft I don't find this a very good brush for the swirl, tap, buff routine of mineral foundation, to create any sort of strength in the brush you have to actually grip the hairs together as you can see below (apologies its dirty - eek)

It just doesn't seem to have the strength for the best application method for mineral foundation, so I've been using this brush for dusting loose powder over my face and also highlighter application, and I think it's done a great job. Ideal for when feather light application is neccessary it's great for applying a small covering of powder to your t-zone, or a tiny bit of powder highlighter to your cheek bones, especially since you can change the shape of the brush for really precise application. So if your looking  for a kabuki brush to dust a bit of highlighter or a bit of loose powder on your face this is a goodie, for mineral foundation I personally will be sticking to my id Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush. I purchased the Studio Kabuki Face Brush from ELF for £5. Any questions please let me know x


  1. I use mine for dusting loose powder too. It's so soft and tactile, I just stroked it when I walked past for ages before I ever got round to using it.

  2. My cats steal kabuki brushes too! My sister lost 2 MAC ones to Molly, we have no idea where she's hid them! x


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