Thursday 14 October 2010

Holiday Haul Part 2- Beauty (Not Surprisingly Pic Heavy ;)

Well it wouldn't be a haul if I didn't buy anything beauty related and my holidays were no exception - cosmetics in Cyprus are generally pretty expensive I mean €15 for a Maybelline mascara, and of course they sell lots of fake bits mainly Nars and Benefit !! but they do have a few European brands such as Deborah (which to be honest was still too expensive), and a brand I bought last year Erre Due. I was really impressed with the Erre Due bits I bought last year (they sell lots of baked products) so I picked up another couple of things this year including a Wet & Dry Sparkler For Eyes in 423 a gorgeous pale pink marbled highlight colour


and a Wet & Dry Sparkler For Cheeks in 409 a gorgeous peach / coral

I also got a gift with purchase which was a gorgeous nail polish in black and silver glitter :)

Last year I found a pharmacy that had loads of  cheaper make up I'm talking maximum €4 I picked up a couple eye products one of which was only 50c - an eyeshadow by a brand called Oily in 18 a sort of chocolate / mauve

and I also managed to get a Collistar Lurex Pearl Dust in 12 Quarze Rosa - I got one of these from the lovely Lydia in another shade and I really loved it :)

The said pharmacy is also a treasure trove for nail products - loads of colours and lots of nail art - I've really enjoyed playing with nail art over the last few months so I got a few bits x First of all a gem wheel I've wanted one for a while and this one came with a pick up tool and some nail glue :)

I also got three packs of nail stickers - you can't see them too well in this pic so I've taken some individual ones

First of all some orange, yellow and pink daisies

Also some pink, lilac and blue feathers and flowers

And finally some pink and purple flowers and flutterybyes

The was it for my shopping in the resort although I did get some Korres Body Butter but the rest of my beauty shopping was done in Duty Free on both my inbound and outbound journeys - first of all perfume :) In Larnaca airport I managed to pick up another bottle of  my favourite perfume of all time Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio alas now discontinued in the UK at least this has been "my" scent for at least 10 years so I've been stocking up whenever I see a bottle :)

And I also got Juicy Couture, Couture - I have to say that this is the first Juicy perfume I have liked so far, it smells really nice on me without being too strong and this bottle is gorgeous, and I got a free bag with it what more could you want ;)

Finally I got something I'd wanted for a while the Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring

I already have one of the Daisy ones and I think they are sooo cute -it comes in cute little pouch with little flower ties

Unlike the perfume bottle the petals on the ring are metal which gives it a great look - you can wear them either as all be it very chunky rings or as keyrings

Next up skincare - my quest for smaller pore continued with the purchase of the Clinique Pore Minimiser

I tried a sample of this a while ago and was pretty impressed so a got a little tube to try - here's a little pic of the texture

As I said in my Venomous Villains haul  Larnaca airport has expanded it's Duty Free quite a bit and I was delighted to see a Kiehls counter - and even more delighted to see they have my favourite Drawing Paste - not the most glamorous of products but it's one of the best products I've ever used for clearing spots

Next up make up - I only got a few bits but I'm happy - first of all the Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation

then the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink - sorry the pics aren't great but if you would like to see more pics or swatches let me know xx

I also got a Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow Liner in Pre Nup a gorgeous pink / bronze x

and finally I picked up a lipstick - Clarins - Rouge Prodige in  122 Nude a gorgeous shiny sheer nude in lovely packaging x

Well that's the lot sorry to put you through such a huge post but as per usual if you want any reviews or swatches please let me know x I have a few more hauls to come including things that arrived whilst I was away, a large Garden pharmacy haul, and a gift from Italy but I'm going to give you a little break from hauls - my next two posts will be holiday related some NOTD's and some OOTD from my time in Cyprus which I hope you'll enjoy xx


  1. Wow! Great holiday haul.

    I love the MJ perfume ring! Let us know how the Clinique Pore Minimizer is, I'm currently using the body shop seaweed one which im finding pretty good.


  2. Thanks my love - I've never tried the Body Shop one so I'll add that to my list but I'll defnitely do a review of the Clinique one for you x

  3. Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadows are amazing aren't they?! Fab haul! :) PS Like Louise with a little l said let me know about the Pore Minimizer as could do with something for mine xxx

  4. Wow. As always, I am awed by the haulage!

    Thanks for your comment on my house! Fingers and toes very tightly crossed indeed...

  5. Very nice buyings!
    Incredibly how you got Collistar there! :D

    And I have the same Rouge Prodige lipstick, along with some others from the collection.
    Love it, and actually love them all!
    I will do a review ;)

    Can you write a review on the pore minimizer?


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