Thursday 1 November 2012

Yet Another Slightly Personal Monthly Summary

I seem to be making a bit of a habit of these personal monthly summary posts don't I? but that's the way it is at the moment. If you follow me on twitter you'll probably know what I'm going to say next so apologies if you already know this, but today my godmother found she has another cancerous tumour :( Details are a bit sketchy at the moment but it looks as though she may be having invasive surgery to remove this one. It's not in her throat this time, it's actually on her neck on the opposite side of her head. Understandably we're all devastated that it's come back so quickly and in different place but we're all remaining strong fer her, and we're remaining positive. I'm going to keep blogging my little heart out but if I disappear, I just need some time away or  to spend some time with my family x

October on the whole was a bit stressful for a number of reasons and I have to admit that's one of the reasons I went over my monthly spending limit, yet again.

Boots 17 Silver Holo Nail Polish - £3.99
White Side Slit Tunic - Top Shop - £16.00
Turquoise Bracelet - ebay - £1.26
Orange Purse - ebay - £2.98
W7 Nail Polish - 96 Mosaic - £2.00
Cat Scarf - Top Shop - £20.00
Nude Striped Jumper- H&M - £9.99
Total - £55.23
£15.23 Over

Yes, it was just by £15.23 but it was still over, never mind I had plenty opportunity to spend more and I didn't so I going to view it as a small positive. Yet again I will trying to keep under my limit in November but who knows, given my previous track record I'm not hopeful x

Trimming My Stash was much more successful though - In October I finished 12 items.

DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion 150ml
Davines Authentic Moisturising Face/ Hair/ Body Balm 75ml
Ojon Instant Restorative Hair Serum 25ml
Boots Simply Sensitive Face Wipes x 25 Wipes
Mama Mio O Mega Body Buff 125ml
Avon Naturals Sugar Plum and Vanilla Shower Gel 200ml
Never To Busy To Be Beautiful Keep It Fluffy Turkish Bath Body Polish
Body America Southern Belle Peach Mango Bath and Shower Luxury Foaming Mousse 236ml
Nivea Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 35ml
2True Instant Waterproof Mascara - 1 Black - 7ml
MUA Make Up Academy Pressed Powder - Shade 1 - 5.7g
Primark Beauty Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes With Tea Tree x 25 Wipes
Total - 12 Items

I was really happy October's empties, as well as 2 Project 10 Pan items I managed to finish a nice mix of things including some skincare and body care, and some ancient items that I pulled out from the back of the cupboard, and made a serious attempt to finish. It goes without saying that this is something that I'm going to continue into November in fact I've already finished my first item :) and I'm nearly finished a couple of more Project 10 Pan items too :)

I've got lots of posts planned for November including a few fashion related things, some nail posts, and some make up, body care, and skin reviews. I'm also planning a triumphant return to You Tube, so don't forget to subscribe x Thanks to you all for following and I hope you all have an amazing November xx

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