Saturday 10 November 2012

To Buy Or Not To Buy - Nails Of The Day

I decided to tidy up my laptop a bit today, a task I've been putting off for a while now. It's really shocking how many emails and photos that we accumulate. Whilst leafing through the masses of photos I have I found some nails of the day photos that I'd forgotten about and never posted. How could you forget I hear you cry, how indeed especially when the polish made such an impression on me.

I got Essie - To Buy Or Not Buy in a kit from TK Maxx a few months ago now, in the bottle it looks beautiful, a gorgeous pale sugary lilac, with an almost fairy wing like sparkle - on the the nail however it was a different story. Despite a thick formulation it was incredibly streaky and if I remember rightly it took about 3 coats to achieve perfect coverage :( The colour itself wasn't bad a bit paler than I'd anticipated but where is the fairy wing sparkle? It was vaguely evident in the first coat but it was almost impossible to see in any other lighting conditions other than sitting directly under a light bulb - it's such a shame because when you could see it, you actually have a really pretty polish.

Yet again a colour that promised so much and didn't deliver, very disappointing -  :(  What do you think of this shade?

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