Saturday 24 November 2012

A Winter Saviour From L'Occitane - Almond Shower Oil

I have to say I'm a huge fan of French brand L'Occitane. I usually have about 3 of their Shea butter hand creams in fragrances on the go at once, and I love their body lotions and shower gels. I purchase the majority of my L'Occitane products from QVC but if you ever get the chance you must go into a L'Occitane stand alone store. I have a couple near me now and I love going in to have a sniff and a play with the products, the staff are normally super dooper helpful, and the way they wrap your purchases almost makes you feel like your getting a present :)

One of L'Occitane best sellers in the UK is their Almond Shower Oil. For quite a few years I ignored this product, despite all the fabulous reviews and good things that I'd heard about it, I just wouldn't try it. The reason being? I thought it would smell like marzipan which I can't stand, how wrong was I?

It's a common misconception I guess that all products containing almond smell and taste like marzipan.The marzipan taste comes from the bitter almond, so I'm fine with ground almonds, and I'm fine with this product, which has a fresh almost fruity smell that thankfully smells nothing like marzipan.

The idea of a shower oil I must admit seems wrong but believe me this product is oh so right. This product as you would expect has the texture of an oil, all be it quite a dense one. Simply massage this fabulous product over damp and what you get is not an oil slick but a smooth milky cream, that gently foams up to leave your skin super soft and lightly scented.

Not only can you use this in the shower but you can also pop under warm running water into the bath, where it produces a lovely milky foam.

This product is great for this time of year  when your skin is feeling a little bit dry and tight. It really does leave your skin feeling much softer and smoother, I'm so glad that I took the plunge and bought it, I can this being a staple in my bathroom cabinet for many years to come. It isn't cheap by any means, it normally retails at around £16.50 for 250ml from L'Occitane's own website, stores and concessions but it's worth keeping an eye out on QVC for special offers and kits as you can often get it for a better price -  I paid around £28 for two bottles. Have you ever used this product? let me know what you think and I'd love to know what product you put off buying for ages only to fall in love with it when you eventually bought it, leave me a comment and let me know x


  1. i love rich oils for winter, want to try this one. i have a thick almond oil from a health food store that i use after showers to keep my dry skin at bay

  2. l'occitane is the TSV on QVC today :) x

    1. I know I was quite tempted till I found out that the almond product was the new shower gel that smells more marzipanni :(


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