Friday 2 November 2012

Foodie Friday - What I Ate Today

Hi Guys x I had a lovely but exhausting day shopping in IKEA, with Mummy Lou and my godmother :) Thanks to all you for your sweet comments on here, twiitter and on facebook yesterday. My godmother has to have a full body CT scan to see if the cancer has spread, and her specialist and the oncology will then decide the best way to treat it x She's keeping herself busy though and trying not to think about it x Anyways as I say we had a lovely but tiring day and my lovely godmother kindly bought me a few things which I'll show you later this month, and my mum got some nice bits for our living room which is getting decorated next week. It's been a bit hitty missy food wise but I thought I'd do a what I ate today post anyways x


It was a bit chilly this morning, so I had a nice warming bowl of  Quaker Oatso Simple Golden Syrup. I'm not really supposed to eat this as it's not technically gluten free but I love it - it's lovely and warming - I made mine up with skimmed milk - I also had a cup of tea made with skimmed milk 


Cake central - here - lunch time in IKEA, being veggie I can't eat the meatballs and the queue for hot food was too huge. So me and my mum had a piece of the Krokant cake which is gluten free, and we halved one of the Chocolate Truffle Cakes between us, and my godmother had a strawberry tart. I also had some cola and some fizzy apple juice for my free refill :)


When we got home me, and Mummy Lou had some left over pumpkin soup, made from Delia's recipe. I sprinkled some crispy fried onions on the top.Mummy Lou had some fresh and crusty Tiger Bread, I had some gluten free white sliced (not pictured). To drink I had some no added sugar lemon and lime squash made up with sparkling water.

Snacks And Drinks

Lots of snacks and picking today I'm afraid. First up I had a can of Pepsi Max, Me and Mummy Lou also halved a bag of Cadburys chocolate covered popcorn. I also had a Boston Baguettes punnet from my Graze box - which is mini tomato bread sticks with BBQ relish. I also had another pot of tea and some more squash (not pictured)

So that;s what I had to eat today, did you have anything nice? let me know in the comments xx

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