Wednesday 28 November 2012

November Buys And Gifts - Nail Polish, Jewellery, Clothes And IKEA

Where on earth has this month gone? It doesn't seem like two minutes since I was putting together my October buys, but now here I am with my November acquisitions! As per usual I bought a few things myself,  and my mum bought me a few things, but this month my lovely godmother bought me a few things too to try and cheer me up which shows what an amazing person she actually is.

We'll start off with the things that my godmother bought me :) Earlier this month me, my mum and my godmother took a little trip to IKEA, and my godmother kindly bought me a few candles and things including this candle in a lilac / blue glass holder

and this vintage trinket dish in a clear, crystal glass

These little bits really go with the decor of my room, I love candles, and I love little pots and dishes to put my bits and bobs in.

She also bought me this months Glamour magazine, while we were in Lidl, which came with a free full sized Nails Inc nail polish. The colour I went for was Glamour Glitter, which is a clear polish infused with tiny particles of gold and silver glitter. I don't think you could wear this colour on it's own but it will make a really pretty top coat.

Mummy Lou also bought me a few nail polishes this week, she bought me two of the Rimmel Metal Rush nail polishes in 60 Royal Blue and 70 Gold Save The Queen. I love duo chrome polishes so I can't wait to give these a go.

She also bought me a magazine this month, Marie Claire which came with a 10ml tube of Jemma Kidd Instant Lift Skin Perfecting Primer.

I haven't tried this yet but I love my primers so it will be interesting to try this one out.

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that Mummy Lou also bought me a lipstick, she kindly bought me one of the new Rimmel Matte Kate Moss lipsticks in 101

This is such a nice lipstick I love shades like this but look what happened when I opened it,

Yup it was snapped in two and half of it hit the floor and was ruined sad times but it is a nice lipstick never the less and I'll just use the remaining half with a brush.

The lovely Momma Lou also paid for our Avon order this month, I only got a few bits including a couple of bits from Colortrend - first up the Dazzlers Nail Top Coat in Fuchsia Dazzle.

The colours of glitter in this remind me a bit of Revlon Facets Of Fuchsia so I'm hoping I might be able to recreate that with this polish. I also got the Colortrend Star Nail Decals, These nail stickers are so cute, you get a sheet of black stickers and a sheet of silver stickers all in a star design :)

The final thing she got me from Avon was this cute silver tone heart bracelet, there was a choice of three charm colours silver, rose gold and one I got the gold. I think this was £4 and it is so cute I think I might try and get the other shades to layer them :)

As I kind of hinted I've had a bit of a rough month so the lovely Mummy Lou took me clothes shopping, and bought me a few bits - first up some bits from Asda including these gold stud details t-shirts which were £10 each.

and this stud detail short sleeve, long line jumper which unfortunately I can't remember the price of x

The final thing she bought me this month was my Christmas dress :) We always dress up for Christmas day in my family, and despite me not being 100% about what's happening this year for Christmas we thought we'd better be prepared. Mummy Lou has gone with a gold and ivory theme and I'm thinking black and gold. This dress was £35 from Bon Marche - the pic isn't great so you can see it better here x

I love sun ray pleats and this dress is just so flattering what ever your shaped. It accentuates my good bits and hides my bad bits, you couldn't ask for more really.

OK now to the things I've purchased for myself this month :) I have tried to be good this month and the majority of my expenditure has gone on Christmas pressies but I still managed to pick a few things up including this skirt from good old ebay

I love this skirt, it is fully lined and has an elasticated waist I think it will be great dressed down with a jumper or even dressed up for family occasions. Oh and did I mention I only paid £7.48 from Hong Kong ebay - bargain! I purchased it from this seller and it came in less than 2 weeks - result!!

The rest of my ebay purchases bar 1 have all been jewellery related this month, first up this super cute heart charm necklace.

I bought the bow version a few months ago now and I love so I thought I'd get the heart one too, at just 99p including postage from this seller it would've been rude not too :). This seller doesn't appear to be selling these or anything else at the moment but just do an ebay search and similar items should comes up x

Next up some more bracelets, I'm building up quite a collection of these ones now I already have the blue, and the turquoise, so I thought I'd add the red version to my collection - this was only £1.20 including postage from this seller x

OK more bracelets, this time I picked up two of these gold tone elasticated spike design bracelets.

These also come in a silver and in a gunmetal shade and these were 99p each including postage from this seller.

The final kind of jewellery ebay purchase that I made was one of these, a Bracelet Buddy

I've seen these advertised in some of those catalogues through the post and even with my mums mobility magazine, and the idea is that they help you to fasten your bracelets more easily. I love the magnetic fasteners on my necklaces but they seem to make some of my bracelets too long so I thought this might help a bit. I have to say I'm not that impressed with this so far, it certainly isn't as easy as the packaging makes out but it might take a bit more practise so I'll keep at it x This was £5.38 with postage from this seller.

My final ebay purchase of the month was something which to be honest I could of got from a make up counter, if I'd been anyway that had one. It's a sample vial of Givenchy Dahlia Noir EDT. I've has a few scratch and sniff samples of this which I really loved but I wanted to try it properly before I put it on my Christmas list. It smells completely different when you first apply it but I love the fragrance on me when it's had a chance to settle. I paid £1.39 including postage for it from this seller.

So that was my ebay haul, I've also bought a few bits from elsewhere including this earring set from New Look.

I've had this on my wishlist for ages now, you get 6 pairs of studs including black, and cream flowers, gold ball studs, little handbags,lipstick and red lips. This set was £4.99 so your paying less than £1 a pair, which is great value especially when you see the details on the handbags :)

My last purchases of November are all nail polish, first up two polishes that I got from Boots and more specifically the Collection Dazzled Nail Effects range.

On the left is 1 Razzle Dazzle and on the right is 2 Tea At The Glitz. Razzle Dazzle is a silver and green glitter and Tea At The Glitz is black and gold glitter. These were on buy one get one half price so I paid £4.48 for the 2 :)

Sticking with the glitter theme I also managed to get my hands on Technic - Carnival - which is a mass of multi coloured glitter and sparkle.

I paid just £1 for this in one of my favourite haunts The Original FactoryShop :).

My final purchase of the month came from Tesco - I recently found myself at the huge Tesco Extra store near Durham, and I had a lot of fun swatching things of the Barbara Daly and VIVO stands. Alas Project 10 Pan meant that I couldn't buy any make up but I did buy a nail polish from VIVO. Whilst they have nail polishes online, they don't have these ones that were just £1.00.

I was really good and only picked up one colour, Take Time, a gorgeous sky blue shade. The packaging reminds me very much of the MUA polishes which doesn't really surprise me because they are after all the same company!

So they were my gifts and purchases for November - I did pick up one more thing, but it's not really a purchase, it's more the product of a charitable donation. If you go into any Boots store, on the counter they currently have a box, with the cutest star keyrings in it. You can pick up one these keyrings for a suggested donation of just £2, which is donated to a charity which is now quite close to my own heart, Macmillan Cancer Support.

I am a huge fan of stars anyways so I got a gold one. A super cute item for yourself or for a gift and you're contributing to an amazing cause at the same time x If you have any questions on my haul or anything in this post please let me know xx


  1. OMG I am lusting after EVERYTHING!!!! Cool haul xxx

  2. all these nail varnishes just make me want to dig out mine! I have the Avon bracelet in Rose Gold, it's my favourite bracelet and i'm never without it =)

    Gemma x

  3. I love tha skirt, and i love it even more for the price! I was wondering if u dont mind me askin, whats your height? And does it reach the floor if you were to say that you would wear it around your waist? i definately want to get a few!

  4. Hi guys thanks for the nice comments x I'm going to do a post on the skirt because I've had so many questions both on here and on email and twitter x It should be up over the weekend x


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