Wednesday 21 November 2012

Eye Want Candy - Beautiful Nail Polishes Courtesy Of Eye Candy

Eye Candy London are probably better known as the name would suggest for their eye products and in particular for their budget friendly range of false eyelashes but did you know that they've branched out into nail care? They already did a range of false nails but in April of this year they introduced their own nail polish line.

The bang on trend line features all the major trends that you would expect from a fashion lead brand from crackle polishes, to magnetic polishes, to colour flip polishes and even nail care essentials such as top and base coats.

My nails may not be the longest but I love my nail polishes and I was thrilled to be sent 3 polishes from their extensive range to try out :)

The polishes I was sent are from left to right - Juicyilicious and Early Night from the core range, and Sexy And You Know It from their Colour Flip range.

All the colour come carded and in blister packed. The polishes come in 12ml bottles and are square in shape, I have to say the packaging reminds me a lot of Chanel's nail polishes, and I can reveal that this is not the last Chanel comparison that you will read in the post ;)

Eye Candy London Nail Lacquer - Juicyilicious 

Yowzers, this colour is not for the faint hearted, I'm going to apologise in advance for the pictures of this one, the weather was dull and dingy, and I couldn't get the colour to show up properly, the swatch on the nail wheel above is probably a bit more accurate but let me assure you this shade is bright!!

It's officially described as a bright yellow but I have to disagree, this is very much a true neon orange in real life, think an orange highlighter pen and your nearly there. 

The thing you need to know about true neon polishes is that they almost always dry matte or with a slightly satin finish, and that's exactly what this one does which shows the quality and the amount of pigment that's used in the polish. As you would expect with a matte polish this dried really quickly, coat one was a bit streaky but two was enough to give a smooth satin finish.

Out of all the polishes I tried this one lasted the longest on my nails, if you don't like the matte / satin finish just pop a bit of top coat for shiny bright neon nails - again the pics aren't great but hopefully you can get an idea what it looks like with top coat in the pictures below. This isn't really a colour for the winter but with a tan I think this shade could look amazing which I hope you can see despite my rubbishy pics.

Eye Candy London Nail Lacquer - Early Night

The second polish I was sent from Eye Candy was also from the core range. Early Night is described as a lilac pink, but I would describe it as a dirty lilac greige, which reminds me a lot of Chanel's Paradoxal.

This looked pretty good with one coat but again this is two.

This is a great polish for that designer look on a budget. This is a really wearable, smart colour whether your nails are long or short.

Eye Candy London Colour Flip Nail Lacquer - Sexy And You Know It

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, this is yet another Chanel dupe. Eye Candy aren't alone in this one, every brand pretty much now has a Chanel - Peridot alike in their collection, and yes as you well know I own more than one of them.

There is something about these fabulous duo chrome polishes that change colour when you move your fingers and this one is no exception. It changes from green, to gold, to bronze with a little bit of pink thrown in depending on the light and how you move you fingers - just to give you an idea the pictures above were taken with the flash and the ones below are taken without so you can see a bit of the colour variation.

Despite having a lot of similar shades I love this polish - the colour is gorgeous and the application again was fine, and it took just two coats for full coverage. 

I have too say that I was so impressed with the Eye Candy shades that I received that I immediately formulated a wishlist which included the other 3 shades in the Colour Flip range,  and this beauty that I managed to pick up from a local store

Eye Candy London Graphite - What A Steal

Whilst I don't own Chanel's famous Graphite I can imagine that this will be pretty similar. This limited edition shade contains a mixture of four different mica particles to create a gorgeous silvery grey polish which is packed full of iridescent sparkle.

I love this polish which a passion, it looks amazing on the nails and I couldn't stop staring at my fingers when I was wearing, just wondering what colours the sparkles would pick up next.

Application was OK but like the rest of the Eye Candy polishes, the brush is quite wide so if your nails are quite slim like some of mine are you need to be a bit careful with your application. I think I noticed it more with this shade because of the darker colour but it's not a real problem just take your time and have something to remove the excess ready just in case. With this colour though I can forgive and deal with anything I love it and I loved looking at it 

I have to say I've really enjoyed being introduced to a new nail polish brand - the polishes in the line officially  range from £6-£10, with core shades and treatments being the cheapest and the magnetic polishes unsurprisingly being the dearest. The polishes are available in selected branches of Sainsburys but if your interested in this brand shop around though , Amazon sells a wide range of the these polishes for less than retail and if your a northerner like me check out your local Boyes store - I picked up the Graphite polish for just £4.99, when the RRP is £8.00. They had a few of the Core and Magnetic Wave shades in last time I was there, so I intend to work my way through my local ones to see what other shades I can find - Colour Flips come to momma :) If you have any questions please let me know and if you've seen any of these polishes on your shopping trips I'd love to know where xx

(All The Polishes In This Post Bar Graphite - What A Steal Were Provided For Review Purposes)


  1. I've seen collections of 3 core or core & crackle ones packaged up for about £9.99 in TK Maxx!

    1. great thank you I'll have a look in there - they have had some fab nail polishes in later xx

  2. wow they are really nice, I want a good mettalic nail varish (and by good I mean cheap!!!) Thanks for that xxx Rose

  3. the bright yellow/orange is AMAZING and i love the stain finish - definitely going to pick it up! xo


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