Monday 26 November 2012

Getting Fast And Fruity With A Bargain Nail Polish Remover

Way, way back in May I reviewed the much talked about Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover (read my review here). I have to admit I was on the the fence about it but I'm honest enough to admit that I may have been wrong. I'll stand by the fact that it doesn't remove nail polish in the 1 second that it promises and no I still haven't worked out how to use it to remove my toe polish and yes I still think it's expensive, but I have to admit that I have warmed to it. It super quick and easy and it saves having to sort out cotton wool and the polish remover, which are never in the same place, so yeah despite its faults I do like it a lot more than I did.

The price still gets me though so a few months ago I picked up one of the budget alternatives the Easy Nails Fast & Fruity Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover - Peach Fragrance, which I picked up from Home Bargains for the princely sum of just 85p!!!

The idea is exactly the same as the Bourjois one, the screw top tub contains a sponge which is soaked in nail polish remover.

The sponge is this case is off white and doesn't seem quite as sturdy as the Bourjois alternative. Whilst the colour of the sponge doesn't alter the effectiveness of the remover, the off white sponge does start to look grubby quite quickly compared to the black sponge in the Bourjois product.

The idea is still the same though just stick your finger in the pot and give it a wiggle until the polish comes off. The smell is this remover is initially quite strong, but it gradually fades down to a slightly synthetic peaches and cream type fragrance. I thought I'd do a few before and after pics just to give you an idea of how this polish remover performs - In all cases I've just used this product to remove the polish, and I haven't touched it up with cotton buds etc.


This is 2 coats Barry M - Chameleon Blue NP331, 1 coat of Perfect Formula Clear Gel Coat, and 1 Coat of Perfect Formula My Perfect Top Coat - You can see a full NOTD here.



This is 1 coat of Eye Candy London Graphite - What A Steal, and 1 coat of Perfect Formula Clear Gel Coat. You can see a full review of this polish here x


I hope you can see from these how well this remover worked on the nail colour itself. It took about the same amount of time as the Bourjois to remove the polish so no real problems there, it tackled the top coat, the colour, and glittery polish with very little problem. However, when it came to the base coat layer this product did struggle slightly, it removed 90% of it but there was some evidence of base coat on the nails. It did comes off eventually but you can probably see some white patches on the nails. Unlike the Bourjois remover this one left my already dry nails and cuticles feeling very dry and almost flaky

I don't really feel I can criticise this for the price that it is. It does the job to some degree but I just can't deal with dryness and the fact that it need so much effort to remove my nail strengthener, so in the battle of the super cheap versus the drugstore, the Bourjois wins hands down. Have you tried a product like this? let me know in the comments xx

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