Monday 5 November 2012

10 Years Gone In The Blink Of An Eye

I had every intention of not posting about this today but as the clock ticks round again, I thought I couldn't go on like normal when I feel anything but - if your not a fan of my personal posts feel free to close the page down, and come back later when I promise I'll post something happier x

 10 years ago today I lost my dad, sometimes it's hard to believe it's been that long and sometimes it feel like a lifetime ago. So much has changed in those 10 years, people and pets have came in and out of my life, and I guess I've changed a lot too. I'm a much stronger person now I think but I also think that I have a few flaws and problems that the events of the last 10 years have probably brought to the surface but I'm still here and I'm still hanging in there no matter how shaky the rope is on occasions.

I just want to share with you a song that reminds me of my dad. It wasn't a favourite song of his by any means but I remember it being on the TV in the hospital waiting room while we waited on that long night of the 4th leading into the 5th November 2002. I listened to it afterwards welling up every time I heard it but then I listened to the words and I realised how poignant they actually were. The song is about a break up rather than a bereavement but so many of the words ring true with regards to losing someone you love, and having to stand on your own two feet again.

RIP Daddy I'll Love You Always xxx


  1. I know exactly how you feel hun.

    Hugs. xxx

  2. awww, i'm sorry honey :( it's a great song, I can see how it ties has such a powerful way of translating our emotions.

  3. Hon, I sympathise - I lost my mum ten years ago on October 14th just gone. Pain doesn't go away.

  4. *hug* I cannot begin to imagine how you feel. Ten years can be such a short time :-( I love that song too xxx

  5. Sending hugs to you - I cannot imagine how you feel - i find music is a good coping mechanism and helps me to remember good times with loved ones that have passed away xx


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