Monday 12 November 2012

A Batiste For All Occasions - For Lazy Days,Office Parties And For Gifts Under The Christmas Tree

If your a regular reader of LouLouLand you'll know that I am a bit of a dry shampoo junkie. I love the feeling of clean hair but sometimes a hair wash is just too much effort for me and my poorly muscles.So a couple of times a week  in between washes, I give my hair a quick squirt of dry shampoo to make my hair smell fresher and to take away some of the oiliness that can often plague my roots.

My dry shampoo of choice is of course the nations favourite for over 30 years Batiste, but when it comes to individual  fragrances I have no loyalty.I love Blush, Lace and Cherry Blossom in particular but over the years I've probably used every fragrance that they produce. If you love Batiste as much as I do though then hold on your hats, they've recently released a bevy of new fragrances, all of which I've been lucky enough to try out :)

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Urban and Edgy Graffiti

Graffiti claims to be Batiste's most urban and edgy fragrance to date. It comes packaged in a vibrant and colourful geometric designed can.

Graffiti contains fruity top notes of apple, wild berry, grape and citrus, more floral middle notes of jasmine, lily and iris, and warming and comforting base notes of musk, coconut, sandalwood and cedar. Our noses all pick up scents differently whilst I picked up an initial fruity base, with a warming coconut hit, Mummy Lou picked up the floral fragrances, before picking up on some of the warmer almost vanilla like tones. This is a unusual yet pleasant fragrance - another winner from Batiste in my opinion. Batiste Graffiti retails at £2.99 for a 200 ml can and is exclusive to Boots.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Rich and Elegant Paisley 

Despite the similarities of the products it quite clear that Batiste move with the times, and are fairly fashion focused - Batiste Lace proved that but so does one of their new introduction Paisley. Inspired by the catwalk, and the retro hippy chic trend, Batiste Paisley comes packaged in the most fabulous unsurprisingly paisley patterned can in vibrant shades of blue, pink, orange and yellow. I really think that I'm a 60's and 70's girl at heart I love swirls, geometric patterns and colours so this can is right up my street.

Paisley again contains fruity top notes, this of lime, cassis, and grapefruit, but the middle notes this time comprise of a mixture of fruit and florals, with a combination of jasmine, rose, apple, raspberry and patchouli, before finishing up with a blend of musk, vanilla and caramel. I immediately experience some of the sweet and floral aromas, before experiencing just a hint of zingy citrus, and   then the final hit of an almost sweet, warming vanilla with maybe a hint of popcorn. Mummy Lou on the other hand never picked up any of the floral  or fruity aromas, all she got was a sweet hit of caramel and vanilla. Strange how the same thing can smell the same yet different to different people. Batiste Paisley retails at £2.99 for a 200 ml can and is exclusive to Superdrug.

I love the 200 and even the 400 ml Batiste cans for home use, in fact I probably have a can in just about every room that I frequent, but sometimes you just need something well a bit more compact. Batiste are famous for their mini 50 ml cans which I swear by for my bag and for holidays but just because it's no longer peak holiday season don't dismiss these babies, think about all that visiting you'll do over the festive period, and of course think about the obligatory office party or works night out. More often then not people head out to celebrate at the end of the working day, so keeping a can of Batiste in your locker or drawer is a real essential for party ready hair. You can pick up these handbag style cans in most supermarkets, and chemists for around £1.49 but if you really need to stock up Batiste have introduced a fabulous gift pack to keep you going throughout the party season

Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild Party Trio

This super package from Batiste comes packaged in a clear cosmetic bag which has a hot pink trim and zip fastening. The bag itself would be ideal for air travel as you can see exactly what it contains. What does it contain though? well you get three 50 ml cans of Batiste in one permanent fragrance and two that are exclusive to this kit.

First up the permanent fragrance - the ever popular Batiste Wild in it's oh so trendy animal print can.

I have to be honest this isn't my favourite fragrance from the Batiste, it's very sweet and contains aromas of cocoa, vanilla and musk. You can read a full review of Batiste Wild here.

Keeping with the safari wild esq theme the first of the new and exclusive fragrances in this kit is Savanna.

Described as the bold and extrovert fragrance Savanna comes packaged in a hot pink, black and white zebra designed can. It has fresh but warm, and has a hint of florals and citrus.

The final can is the sassy and striking Samba, which comes in a black, pink and turquoise snake print designed can.

As you may have gathered describing scents isn't my strong point, but Mummy Lou got a lot of floral notes from this one but I think it smells like a combination of Graffiti and Paisley :)

As well as being a fun and essential purchase for yourself I think that this would made a great stocking filler for friends or girlfriends, or even teenagers. Even better if you still need a party frock for Christmas or New Year, then every Wild Party Trio contains a 20% discount voucher off your first order at Motel Rocks, not only that but you can also find details inside the pack on how to win £300 to spend on the site :) The Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild Party Trio retails at £4.99 and is available exclusively at Boots for just 3 months from October 2012. What Batiste varieties have you tried? Let me know in the comments and let me know if you have any questions xx

(All the products in this post were provided for review / promotional purposes)

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