Saturday 3 November 2012

There Is Nothing Better Than A Nice Cuppa But In Your Bath? - A Review For My Pure

People are either bath or shower people, and I'm definitely a bath person. A nice long soak in the bath does wonders for my sore and achy muscles, and I love the whole concept of enclosing myself in warm , soft and fragrant water. I love all bath products from bath oils, to bath bombs, to bath salts and bubble baths, but something I hadn't tried was the traditional idea of infusions.

These take on a few guises from a simple home made muslin or cotton bag containing dried herbs hanging from the bath tips to specially prepared bath tea bags often containing either herbs or flowers and often some form of dried milk to soften the water, that you either add directly to the bath water or that you prepare like you would a pot of tea and then add to the water

For one of last months My Pure reviews I decided to try one of these infusion type of products for the first time. Munio Candela Green Bath Therapy.

These come in three variants all with different aims - Peppermint to de-stress, Chamomile to relieve anxiety and Wild Flowers to relax. I could have chosen any fragrance but I went for Wild Flowers.

The 25g sachets come boxed, and are hand made in Latvia of a natural linen fabric. The Wild Flowers variant contains organic marigold, chamomile and yarrow flowers. The sachets also have a ribbon attached for ease of use .The sachet is designed to relax, and clean the skin, and encourage natural detoxification and perspiration.

There are two ways to use these sachets but I decided to start off by following the instruction on the box, and making  in essence a pot of tea but placing the sachet in a 500ml of warm water (I used water from a recently boiled kettle).

I followed the instructions and left the sachet in the water for about half an hour, and you could see the difference, the water had gone from clear to a brown weak tea colour.

I then add the infusion to my bath, turning the water a sort of brown, yellow shade. Initially I hung the sachet over the taps using the attached ribbon. I then put the sachet into the bath and gave it a squeeze to get as much of the flower extracts as possible. I also used the sachet to exfoliate my arms and legs, this was actually really pleasant due to the combination of the slightly coarse linen and the rough feel of the flowers inside.

If have to be honest and say the smell of this was a bit meh. I was expecting a real floral aroma but instead this smelled a bit like herbal tea, and it wasn't that strong either.

Whilst that wasn't an unpleasant product by any mean, I just don't really get what it was supposed to do, it coloured the water, and the exfoliating aspect was nice, but it didn't really do anything. The texture of the water wasn't any different, my skin didn't feel particularly soft after using it, and due to the lack of scent this didn't really feel like an indulgent bathing experience. Another issue I have with this product is the fact that you just get one sachet in the box and you just get one use from it. I did try and dry it out but you got barely any scent or colour from it second time round. I guess you could stick it in the bath leave it for a minute and then take it but to be honest what would be the point bearing in mind the lack of scent. I hate writing such negative reviews but at £10 for just one mediocre bath I don't really have a choice. Munio Candela Green Bath Therapy retails at £10 for a 25g sachet from My Pure. If you have any questions please leave me a comment xx

(Munio Candela Green Bath Therapy - Wild Flowers 25g Was Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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