Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween - Nails Of The Day Featuring Essie And Viva La Nails

You guys really are being spoilt aren't you no post for a day or so then two in a day ;) I hope your all having a fabulous Halloween so far though, isn't my pumpkin an absolute giant!!! I think the bits of green make him look a bit more menacing lol. Asda was definitely the place for Pumpkins we got two this size for just £3. The carving isn't the best this year I'm afraid but he was so big it was a bit difficult :) I will be using him to make my Halloween staple Delia's Pumpkin and Toasted Sweetcorn Soup later ;) Yum - definitely the best part of Halloween for me :). In the meantime though I though I'd show you my Halloween themed nails of the day -  thankfully I photographed my nails before I attacked the pumpkin I managed to lose half my thumbnail in the process x

It's not showing up quite as orange here as it is in real life but Essie Orange It's Obvious really is a bright bright orange - the first picture is probably the most accurate colour wise. Application was great if a little thick and I probably could have got away with one coat but as per usual this is two. The colour on it's own screams Halloween but I thought I'd have a play with some nail decals I bought a couple of years ago from Viva La Nails. Water decals are a bit fiddly to use but I think they gave a much nicer finish than the majority of stickers which create a more 3D look - the only problem with these is that they are quite large and I have quite a slim nail bed, so I decided just to do a few accent nails on each hand. In case you can't tell what they are they are scary black cats, which I've sealed in with some Perfect Formula My Favourite Top Coat. Apologies that the photos aren't the best the lighting wasn't great x

I love this colour it's equally as great for the autumn months, as it would be against tanned skin at the height of summer, and the kitty cats give it a fun twist. I'm going to be reviving my Changing Your Nail Polish series over the next month or so and having a real play with some of my nail art bits, so don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a thing. What do you think of Orange It's Obvious, and what do you think of my kitty cats? let me know in the comments xx and Happy Halloween xx

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