Sunday 7 October 2012

Foodie Friday On A Sunday - All About The Graze Box x

Yes I know it's Sunday so this is one very late Foodie Friday post but I think it 's one worth waiting for. I don't know about you but I am a huge snacker, I probably only consume 2 proper meals a day, and the rest of my calorie intake is a combo of snacks and picking from the fridge. Don't get me wrong I do snack on raw veg, fruit, cheese and oatcakes, some of the time but if there are crisps, chocolate or biscuits around then their really is no decision to be made.

Apart for on a Friday that is, when I lean to a more healthy snacking option, with my Graze box. I know we're all familiar with the beauty box subscription schemes now, but this is a little bit different as it involves unsurprisingly food!

I've been subscribed to Graze for quite a few years now and I can honestly say I love it. It's basically a healthy themed snack box that is delivered to your home or office, you can order as many as you like and you even pick the day you would like it delivered, you can also add holidays and breaks in so you only receive a box when you want it, and it fits through your letterbox so there is no need to chase the postman :)

Not only that but you have a degree of control over what you recieve, there are 4 box options to choose from, first of all there are 3 Nutrition Boxes - The Eatwell Box which contains healthy punnets with the odd treat, the Boost Box which contains the most nutiritious foods, and the Light Box which contains the lowest calorie options. Then there is the most popular option, and the one I get the Nibble Box.

So what do you get in your boxes, well you usually 4 punnets containing, anything from fresh marinated olives, to microwave popcorn, to artisan breads,dip, light cakes and tea bags and flapjacks, as well as savoury selections contains for example nuts, seeds, dried beans, and mini rice crackers, punnets containing chocolate buttons, nuts and fruit, dried fruit mixes, nut mixes, and savoury seeds.I hear what your saying but I don't like blaahhh, will with Graze it's easy you have the option of eliminating an ingredient all together, eg wheat, gluten, lactose, or you have the option of rating every one of their 100 snack options, with Bin, Try, Like, or Love. If you bin something you will never receive it, if click try you will probably receive it once, it you click like you'll receive it more often, and if you click love you'll receive it in your boxes on a pretty regular basis. Alas the boxes aren't suitable if you have a nut allergy, due to production methods, and if you have a severe gluten or lactose allergy I would probably exercise caution too, but I have to be honest I get the breads, dippers and flapjacks despite my wheat and gluten intolerance because they are yummy. If your not sure there is a full ingredients list for every punnet on their website, and you also get a leaflet, (and a napkin, and sometimes bamboo olive pick) explaining everything that you've received in your box and the nutritional information. Everything is made fresh here in the UK and popped in the post the day before you get it. Oh and if you don't receive your box or it's more than a day late the people at Graze are fabulous and will sort everything out for you - their customer service in my experience is first class x

Just as an idea of what you get, this is Friday's Nibble Box - As you can see you get four recyclable plastic punnets, in a recycled cardboard box.

The first thing I got this week was an Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack from the Flapjack selection, which also contains Summer Berry, Orange and Ginger, Honeycomb, and Fruit and Seed varieties

if you think of flapjacks as hard and dry you'd be wrong, this is soft and moist and tastes amazing, you can taste the sweet yet tartness of the apple and the warmth of the cinnamon You get three little ones in your punnet which totals 54g, and has a total calorie content of 237 kcal. These aren't technically gluten free due to the oat content but I'm fine with oats and I've never had a problem with these - the Orange and Ginger is my favourite :)

Next up we have an all fruit punnet, the imaginatively titled "Little Figgy Went To Market"

The punnet contains, dried baby figs, which are amazing, dried apple and dried cranberries. This is one of my favourite all fruit punnets because I love the figs. If you think of dried fruit as something hard and tasteless, you haven't tried this - the fruit is dried but soft and with just the right amount of chewability. You get 38g in this punnet which counts as one of you 5 a day and comes in at a fabulous 103 kcal.

The next punnet was a new one to me and a new addition to the Graze family. It was "The British Barbecue" from the Savoury Selection.

Despite the fact I probably shouldn't have eaten this is was yummy, it contains mini basil bread sticks, mini rosemary crostini, smoked almonds and fiery seeds. The tastes were really fresh and the combinations really worked. I particularly liked the rosemary crostini and the smoked almonds whilst Mummy Lou loved the fiery seeds, and the pesto type taste of the basil bread sticks. You get 23g in this punnet for just 117 kcal.

The final punnet I got is one of Mummy Lou's favourites, from the Touch Of Chocolate selection we have Copacabana.

The contains lovely fresh shelled Brazil nuts, and milk and dark chocolate giant buttons. The nuts tasted fresh, and they weren't to try and the chocolate was fabulous. The milk was smooth and creamy, and the dark chocolate was smooth and rich. A nice combo at the slightly higher 247 kcal for 40g.

I really get excited when my Graze box is due, I love the surprise element when it comes to opening the box (although you can get an email on the day it's dispatched telling you what your going to get but I never do). As I say you can get boxes when you like, you can set up a regular delivery or just order one of boxes. I get mine either every Friday or every other Friday depending on what I'm doing and I think for just £3.89 it's great value and it definitely keeps me from raiding the biscuit tin. If you've ever bought anything from one of my blog sales I often pop in a Feed Your Friends Graze voucher which you get with every box , these give your friends the opportunity to try out a box for free (the current website offer only lets you try one for half price), and if you sign up for your free box I get £1 off my next box or I can donate that £1 to the Graze School Of Farming in Uganda. It's a great scheme and you can cancel at anytime oh and sometime at Christmas you get vouchers in your box that enable you to give two friends two free boxes each, in a little festive envelope - genius. If  your in the UK and you'd like to try Graze check out their website  click on I have a voucher or promotional code and use my voucher code LK47LF8D to get yourself a free box :) This isn't a sponsored post and I haven't been asked to write it, I just love the Graze scheme and I love the idea of healthier snacking. If you have any questions please leave me a comment xx

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  1. Been getting graze for about a year now, I love them! Yummy!


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