Thursday 18 October 2012

Greenclaws ? - Nails Of The Day

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I've had a pretty nasty case of woman flu - I'm still not feeling 100% (what's new there you ask) but I'm feeling well enough to tackle the old blog again so I thought I'd ease myself in gently with a nails of the day post. I always have problems thinking of inventive titles for my posts hence my sometimes rather dodgy attempts at humour - but my nails / claws in the this post are well, green, and I suddenly remembered this rather obscure children's TV show from when I was little, Greenclaws :)

Scary don't you think, let me know in the comments if you remember it ;) Anyway said nails - I decided to try out one of the Essie polishes that my mum got me last month from TK Maxx.

Navigate Her is a kind of pale sagey green, it's an old style Essie so the brush is a bit wider, and the formula is a bit thick but it still took two coats to achieve a smooth even finish.

I have to say I really like it, I actually green nail polishes and whilst I don't love it as much as the more khaki tones such as Essie - Sew Psyched or MUA Shade 23, it's a nice wearable pastel that would be especially good for the spring months. What do you think of Navigate Her?


  1. OMG!!! I have been trying to think what the name of my fave T.V show was when I was a kid for months!!! Yay Green Claws! You are a star!


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