Thursday 25 October 2012

Claret and Blue With A Twist - Nails Of The Day x

I've got an  beauty box on the coffee table at home which is full of nails polishes that I need to try out and photograph for my blog - It drives my mum mad and the cats keep stealing them and losing them under the sofa, but it's the only way that I can keep things in some sort of order. I had a little root through the box and over the next few weeks I'm going to be doing a few nail related posts to try and get rid of some of the backlog and to keep Mummy Lou onside. This isn't going to be an easy task considering the light outside, but there was a glimmer of sunshine this morning so I managed to get some pictures done.

Today's nails of the day features one the Barry M Nail Effects Chameleon shades, NP331 Chameleon Blue, This is a gorgeous slightly metallic blue shade, which despite being a little bit thick, applied perfectly in just one coat - apologies though for the less than perfect manicure my fault entirely not the polishes x

I love this shade but as the name would suggest there is more to this polish than meets the eye, simply apply any top coat onto the top of the dry polish and the colour changes. I used the Perfect Formula My Favourite Top Coat (review to come) and just had a play really painting completely over some nails, doing random dots and designs, and doing straight and diagonal stripes, which transformed my nails into a mixture of metallic blue and a deep claret / burgundy. Obviously with a nail dotting tool or nail art brush you could be super creative but even with the brush from the top coat you can create eye catching nails.

I have to say I really love this look and the opportunity it gives you to create a completely original manicure even on my short nails. I think this comes in 3 shades and I definitely own the lilac one too, so I've got more opportunities to play. I think Boots 17 are doing something similar too which I need to look out for. What do you think of chameleon nails?


  1. I got a Barry M catalogue in the post today and was wondering how the Chameleon polishes worked :-) I have one of the Gelly polishes on today. Usually do 2 coats, but went with one and a top coat..and it's holding up really well.

  2. Yeah I got one today too :) really fancy trying the gelly polishes


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