Saturday 6 October 2012

Frozen - Nails Of The Day

Today's been a funny day weather wise - it's is absolutely freezing outside, but the sun is shining brightly -it's a real, bright crisp autumnal day, so I decided to take advantage of the light and take a whole load of blog pics including a lovely bright nails of the day.

MUA Make Up Academy Frozen Yoghurt is one of the newer editions to their fabulous (in my opinion anyway ;) nail polish rage. It's a sort of forget me not / periwinkle lilac / blue, it's a bit more vibrant in real life but this is a pretty good representation. This felt a little bit thicker than some of the other MUA polish but the application was still fine, and if you were being super careful you could probably get away with one coat, but this is two x

I love these type of colours and I already have quite a few in my collection but for just £1 this one makes a really nice addition x What do you think of Frozen Yoghurt?

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