Saturday 20 October 2012

Jumping On The BB Bandwagon With GOSH - A Review And A Giveaway

I'm going to start this post with a huge apology I've been trying to do this post for over two weeks now and for several reasons including woman flu, it just hasn't happened. Today though I'm  going to talk about BB Creams - otherwise known as Blemish Balms, or Beauty Balms depending on the brand. Up until a few years ago the only people who'd ever heard of BB creams were either beauty junkies or those of us with a firm interest in Asian make up, now though they're everywhere, and available at various price points from budget to high end. I've bought a few in the past but I have to be honest and say I've only ever tried one of them properly, and that was one that I bought from Korea, alas the shade was a bit too pale so I sold it on, my interest in BB creams ended and my numerous high street creams lay unloved in my foundation drawer.

Recently though I was given the opportunity to try one of the newest BB creams available on the UK high street, from a brand we all know and love GOSH.

Earlier this year GOSH introduced it's first ever BB Cream. For those of you who aren't sure what a BB Cream is, let me give you a brief explanation. In it's simplest terms they are cream products designed to perfect our complexion and make us more beautiful. I'm lucky I hear you say my make up already does that, well BB Creams like the one by GOSH are designed to make the make up process quicker easier. Instead of applying 3 products - moisturiser, primer and foundation you just need the one all in one such as the GOSH BB Cream.

GOSH BB Cream comes in 5 shades from the palest of the pale to a deeper shade for those with a richer complexion which will suit most skin tones thanks to their "colour adapt technology" which means you just the shade closest to your own skin tone, and the cream will blend in seamlessly with your own skin leaving a light, natural finish, which thanks to "stay put technology" is long wearing and water resistant

01 Sand

02 Beige 

03 Warm Beige 

04 Chestnut

05 Espresso
The GOSH All In One BB Cream isn't just about the colour though, those clever people at GOSH, have made this product to be good for your skin, as well as containing an SPF 15, it also contains lots of skin care ingredients including Phytosan. Phytosan is a fabulous ingredient which can help to firm and smooth the skin, as well as reducing the the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I was kindly sent a tube of the GOSH All In One BB Cream to try, I wasn't able to get into a store to swatch the colours in store, so based on pictures I'd seen on the internet I took a bit of a punt, and asked to be sent shade 02 Beige. As you know I am normally quite pale, but the swatches of 01 Sand looked to be a bit too pale, and 02 looked to be a little bit dark so I really wasn't sure what to go for.

The cream comes in a 30 ml matte black tube, with white and silver print. It also features a handy coloured panel which corresponds perfectly to the colour of the product inside so you can see the colour at a glance, essential if you've picked up more than one colour.

The product has a smooth almost cream gel like consistency, and a barely noticeable cosmetic type smell.
GOSH recommend that you apply this product either with a synthetic brush or with your fingertips. I just used my fingers, and put it directly onto clean, toned skin. The product spread  quickly and easily with the fingers and it was very easy to blend out. Any fears I had about the colour faded immediately it does indeed blend into your skin without any clogging or any demarcation lines.

I've done a couple of befores an afters - I'm not sure how well your going to be able to see the difference here especially since the light kept changing but I hope it will give you an idea





GOSH say that this provides a light coverage and I'd probably agree with that, but I would say that you can build it up fairly easily to increase the coverage, although you still might need a dab of concealer on particularly stubborn blemishes. The finish as I hope you can see is very natural in fact one day that I wore it my mum said my skin looked nice not my make up which is a compliment indeed. I did find that it lasted quite a while too but if you have an oilier skin, like mine, you may find that you do need to blot or powder down throughout the day. I tended to set it with powder straight away and I only found that I need to touch up a couple of time during the day.
I have to say I've really enjoyed using this product and I've used it almost everyday for the past month, normally I reach for my mineral foundations but instead I've been reaching for this. Will I repurchase? Well  it's quick and easy and I loved the finish, so once I've finished and tried out the other BB Creams and bases in my drawer I can definitely see this falling  into my Superdrug basket. If you would like to try it GOSH BB Cream "All In One" Foundation, Primer, Moisturizer 30ml retails at around £7.99 from Superdrug.

Don't be too quick to rush off to Superdrug though, the lovely people from GOSH and Sparkle PR are going to kindly provide 10 of my lovely UK based readers, with their very own GOSH BB Cream in the shade of their choice , if you would like be a winner please read the terms and conditions and then go go go
If you have any questions please leave me a comment xx and please let me know if you've tried BB Creams in the past and if you have any recommendations  xx 

(GOSH BB Cream All In One Foundation Primer Moisturizer 30ml Was Provided By PR For Promotional / Review Purposes. The Competition Prizes Will Also Be Provided By The Same PR Company)

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