Saturday 27 October 2012

Give Me 5 With Right Guard Total Defence 5

I've done a few posts lately on the less glamorous side of beauty, and whilst I do have some prettier and more fluffy posts coming it's time for another more workman like post ;)

This post is probably best suited towards the summer months, after all we don't really associate the cold weather with getting sweaty, but no matter what the weather I use deodorant every day. In fact in reality we probably need it in the winter just as much as we do in the summer, not just for keeping us fresh for the party season, but also for keeping us fresh while we're wearing layers and layers of clothing, warm jumpers, and waterproofs.

I'm pretty experimental when it comes to my beauty products, I love drying new things, but I'm pretty loyal to my deodorant brands. I've had some pretty nasty rashes, and skin irritations from using even natural products so I'm always carefully. I was recently offered the chance though to try it some anti-perspirant deodorants from a brand that I'd never tried before - Right Guard, I'm learning to bite the bullet and be a bit braver so I said yes :)

Right Guard recently launched their new Total Defence 5 range of deodorant , which combine the 5 main benefits of an anti-perspirant into just spray

1. Fights Perspiration
2. Prevents Odour
3. Long Lasting Freshness
4. Heat Response Formula Adapts To Your Level Of Activity
5. Low Residue

Right Guard claim that their new formulation will keep you fresh and dry no matter what the day brings, with an anti perspirant that fights odour causing bacteria, and that releases freshness when you need it most for up to 48 hours. They also claim that their new Total Defence 5 range offers you 30% more protection than any of Right Guards previous formulations. As I say I've never used Right Guard before so I can't comment on any previous products from their range but I was kindly sent the 3 new varieties from the Total Defence 5 range for women to try out - first up I'm going to do an overview of the 3 varieties then I'm going to review them all together x

Right Guard Women Total Defence 5 Unscented 

One of the biggest irritants in deodorants is fragrance, this spray from the Total Defence 5 range is promoted as being unscented. Like all the deodorants in this range it is alcohol free, and dermatologically tested, and it comes in an easy to spray aerosol can.

Being labelled as unscented you would expect to have no smell at all but that isn't the case, many products use what they call masking agents to disguise the sometime unpleasant smells of the ingredients, and this is one of those products. It has a subtle fresh almost aftershave esq aroma, it's not that obvious but it's there - this could be a unisex product in my opinion.

Right Guard Women Total Defence 5 Sensitive

I have to be honest and say that this was the first one that I tried, as I said before I do have quite sensitive underarms, so it was the word sensitive that jumped out at me straight away.

Like the rest of the deodorants in this series, this is also alcohol free - alcohol can be a real irritant and it can dry out the delicate skin on our under arms, and again it's dermatologically tested. The ingredients are slightly different from the previous product though which probably means that it has been altered to produce a more sensitive formulation. This anti-perspirant spray has a lovely slightly sexy warm  fruit / floral fragrance, if this exists as a perfume Mummy Lou wants it :)

Right Guard Women Total Defence 5 Invisible

There is nothing worse than deodorant stains on your clothes. This spray from the Total Defence 5 range claims to be invisible.

This was my favourite fragrance wise,I'm useless at describing fragrances but the fragrance is beautifully fresh and clean :)

All of these products smelled great but how did they perform? Well first of all I used all of these deodorants before I got dressed. I followed the instruction on the can and sprayed my underarms from a distance of around 15 cm. The sprays all felt immediately cooling on to the skin but they caused no immediate irritation. I   used the sprays before I got dressed and I did make a point of leaving them to dry for a few minutes before I got dressed. I have to be honest and say that I did get a few white powdery marks on my clothing when I used the Sensitive and Unscented varieties, they were a bit annoying bit they sponged away really easily. The Invisible variant as you would expect barely left no residue - it actually seemed to be a slightly different consistency to the other two, and more creamy rather than powdery.

Whilst I didn't go to the gym or anything overtly taxing during the time I tested them I do suffer from poor temperature control due to my medication and various illnesses so I can get quite erm sweaty. Add to that wearing a waterproof jacket, and a thick jumper on a few occasions and yes I think I gave these babies a good work out. First up sensitivity - I didn't get a single reaction from any of these sprays, I didn't feel sore or itchy at any point, despite the fact that the deodorants seemed to leave a film or coating on my underarms. Now the biggie, freshness and effectiveness - well I have to say these sprays left me feeling fresh, and clean, and smelling great. I was sceptical about the heat response aspect of the formulation but I have to say I think it worked - when I got hotter, the smell of the anti-perspirant seemed to increase strange but true.

Whilst deodorants aren't the most exciting beauty purchases out there, it's something we all buy, and to be honest you could do worse than buy these ones. They do what they claim, and keep your fresh and clean throughout the day. That said the only one that I would possible repurchase would be the Invisible variant. The other two sprays - the Sensitive and the Unscented as I said do have a tendency to leave a white, powdery residue which can get onto clothes -  not good if you wear dark clothes as often as I do though - if you wear a lot of white you'd be fine though, you pays your money you takes your choice, and even if your not keen these anti-perspirants certainly won't break the bank. The three varieties of Right Guard Total Defence 5 Women retail at around £2.89 for 250 ml and around £1.99 for a 150 ml. If you have any questions please leave me a comment x

(Right Guard Total Defence 5 Women Anti- Perspirants In Unscented, Sensitive And Invisible 250 ml Were Provided For Review Purposes)

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