Tuesday 30 October 2012

Cute Christmas Gift Ideas From Bev Ridge And Friends

I'm probably going to sound a bit smug here, but I've already done more than half of my Christmas shopping, yes I know you can get more bargains the closer you get to Christmas but I personally can't take the stress. I've thought about doing an all encompassing Christmas gift post but instead I'm going to show you a few of my picks as I discover them. I've already shown you some gift ideas from Baylis and Harding that would perfect for your mum or gran, but what about younger sisters, or your friends? Well take my advice and pop into Debenhams or Heals.

Bev Ridge and Friends is a beauty gift range sold exclusively in Debenhams and Heals stores in the UK. This  competitively priced  range is characterised by it's retro style packaging, and for it's quirky product names. The range contains everything from purses, to nail care sets, to eye palettes, and bath products but these are my top gift picks (Please click on the pictures to enlarge)

Talk To The Hand Manicure Set - £8.00

This cute retro design faux leather manicure case contains 2 patterned cushioned nail files, as well as a metal cuticle pusher, scissors, tweezers and nail clippers all featuring a cute floral design

This Is What Gorgeous Looks Like Face Palette - £8.00

Again in the retro design, this palette contains a mirror, 6 vibrant eyeshadows, and 2 lip glosses.and an applicator.

Distracted By Shiny Things Lipgloss Trio - £10.00

This boxed set contains 3 lovely 10ml lipglosses, one in pale pink, one in rose, and one in a darker shade of pink. All the glosses are shot through with a bronze shimmer

Let's Be Honest I'm Totally Hot Hot Cosmetic Bag - £10.00

Let's be honest who doesn't need a toiletry or make up bag - these are always a great gift. This one features a retro 60's style design on one side and a floral pattern on the other.

Say Anyone Fancy A Dip Indulgent Bath Set - £16.00

Sets like this are a real Christmas present staple. This pampering boxed set contains a satin eye mask, hibiscus and aloe vera bath soak, hibiscus and shea butter body cream, and a mango and walnut shell body scrub.

Goodbye Chaps, Hello Boys Lip Balm - £3.50

I have to be honest and say that this is the only product that I've tried so I can't comment on the quality of the other products but I was kindly sent one of these lip balms to try out for you. This lip balm comes carded, and the packaging features a retro style design.

This lip balms comes packaged in the familiar style twist up tube, which features a retro style label. Unfortunately I can't find a size on any of the packaging but this looks about the same size as similar products on the high street.

The balm is off white in colour, and it has a waxy type feel. It looks slightly white on the lips as you can see here but it has a moisturising rather than greasy finish that does the job and keeps the lips smooth. Once blotted down a bit it also makes a good lipstick base x

Goodbye Chaps, only comes in one flavour, Voluptuous Vanilla. The flavour and smell isn't that strong, but it is a little synthetic. If your lips are super dry this balm probably isn't for you, and isn't the cheapest balm like this out there, but if your after a useful stocking filler, that's nicely packaged then this could be something worth picking up.

If you need to buy gifts for teenagers or friends that like this style of quirky, retro gifts, and you don't want to stretch to Benefit then this line from Bev Ridge and Friends could be something worth looking into. You can find Bev Ridge exclusively at Debenhams, Debenhams Online, and in Heals. Prices for the line range from just £3.50 to £16.00, meaning there is a gift for most budgets. If you have any questions or if you have seen any fab gifts out there on the high street then please leave me a comment and let me know x

(Bev Ridge And Friends Goodbye Chaps, Hello Boys Lip Balm Was Provided For Review Purposes - The Images Come From PR And From The Debenhams Website)

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