Friday 19 October 2012

Foodie Friday - What I Ate Today x

Since I've been poorly this week I've been a bit lazy and I've let Mummy Lou do most of the cooking, I've only made it to the kitchen today and yesterday, but I've still wanted things I can do quickly and with minimum efforts, yesterday we had crispy fried tofu, with rice, and an Indonesian curry sauce (the sauce came out of a packet - sorry!), and today I did something equally speedy also involving ahem packets. Today's very much been a day of eating what I shouldn't - never mind I'll pay the price for that I guess.- so here you go, here's what I ate today :)


Hmm, it started off well a cup of tea with semi skimmed milk in my favourite Piglet mug, but I noticed that my mum had brought in box of custard doughnuts from her early morning shopping trip - they were still warm and yummy so I had one - whoops


Today was Graze box day (have you claimed your free box yet - use my code LK47LF8D to get one) - so I had a couple of bits from my box for my lunch. First up I had the Salsa Mexicanos - which is a lovely salsa dip with rice based crackers which is gluten free, not 100% gluten free however was the other punnet that I had Cheddar Gorge. This features cheddar cheese cashew nuts, salsa corn sticks and baked herby bites. Everything is fine in the punnet bar the baked herby bites that contain wheat flour - there were only 4 in the punnet so I ate them anyways. I also had a glass of no added sugar Vimto made up with sparkling water.


Not the most nutritious dinner for me today but it was yummy and filling. Basically it's a version of pasta and meatballs, I used some Swedish Style Quorn Balls and Lamb Style Strips (yes I know they aren't gluten free - I need to eat though and their nice ;), mixed up with some chill garlic olives from my Graze box, and some gluten free pasta. I then mixed in a tub of  fresh tomato and red pepper pasta sauce, stuck some mozzarella cheese on top and stuck it under the grill - yummy - I also had some more Vimto (not pictured)

Drinks and Snacks 

You knew it was coming didn't you I had another custard doughnut (not pictured) - smacked wrists for me - I also had lots more Vimto and sparkling water, and  I'm going to finish the day with another cup of tea (again not pictured because I haven't drank it yet :)

So that was my food intake today, not great was it - I'll probably pay for eating the doughnuts one way or another ;)  but sometime you just have to take risks in life - what did you have to eat today ? let me know in the comments x

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