Friday 16 September 2011

A Trip To The Metro Centre

Hey Guys
Well we made it after a few weeks of aborted attempts we eventually made it to the Metro Centre yesterday. I have to be honest and say I'm pretty broke ahead of my holidays so my mum bought me a few things, meaning I only made the tiniest little dip into my monthly spends, first up the things that St Mummy of LouLouLand bought me :) She gave my £20 for spends so I did what any bargainista does and I went into Primark. I've read so many posts lately on the delights of Primark at the moment but I have to say I was a bit disappointed nothing really jumped at me and the things that did seemed to stop point blank at a size 12 :( Never mind I did pick up one thing that I have seen in pretty much every Primark haul lately some lovely and cozy fleecy PJ pants

For just £5 these will be sooo warm for the winter, Mummy Lou is even considering getting some for herself! That was the only clothing item I got the rest was all accessories - first up one of these ski headbands - I got one last year and it kept my ears toasty and warm - it was £1.50

Next up hair bobbles -  as you know Primark hair bobbles are a real staple of mine (click here to read a review) and I was delighted to see that they had introduced a whole load of new colours, so yes your eyes aren't deceiving you I picked up 5 packets!

That's 150 bobbles for £5 which I don't think is bad, and yes I will get through them all they are probably Tallulah's favourite play things, and I lose about 3 a week to her very sharp teeth, I'm loving all the new colours I really will be able to coordinate my bobbles with my outfits :)

Next up a cute little charm, it has a turquoise stone, and a little silver tone bird and feather detail, these are only a pound and there were lots of different ones to chose from, as well as a faux silver sweetie style bracelet to put them on. I have a little faux Pandora style bracelet that I was going to put it on but once I've got it home it's a different shade of turquoise entirely - never mind I'm sure I'll find a use for it it.

Finally I picked this cute little highlighter up from the make up range High Beauty Baked Highlighter

All the make up items seem to have been reduced to just £1.00 which I guess indicates the end of the range which is a bit of shame to be honest I have discovered some real gems in it. If your interested in what to grab before everything disappears don't forget to keep checking back, one of my planned schedules posts whilst I'm on holiday is a Budget Beauty Series post  focusing on the best of Primark Beauty.

So that was my Primark haul - just £13.50 spent so can you guess what I did you I crossed the mall and went to Superdrug to finishing spending my £20. First up I headed to the Sleek stand which I have to say was an absolute disgrace the stand was coming apart nothing where it was supposed to be, it was horrid. I actually complained to a member of staff who told me that the stand was actually damaged the slots were coming apart so things couldn't stand up and Sleek wouldn't replace it!! She was actually pretty mad at the state of it and the products on it and so she should be, the stand design etc maybe Sleeks responsibility but the state of the products and the damaged testers etc is surely Superdrugs? I tried to get a photograph but I was being glared it constantly after I dared mention it! Hmm anyways I wanted to check out the nude collection, the eyeshadow palette never really appealed as I'm not a huge matte shadow lover, but it was in such a smashed state it would have been hard to swatch it anyways - The blusher on the other hand had sparked my interest!

At first glance it had appeared to be too dark for me but the more I saw it the more I thought I might be able to get away with it - today was the first opportunity I'd had to swatch it and I have to say I really like

Suede 921 is a gorgeous peachy nude, is it anything different to what I already own probably not but hey ho but for £4.29 of not my money it was well worth it, especially since the pigmentation is amazing

The last proportion of Momma Lou's money went on a bottle of Drench Orange and Passion Fruit Juice - OMG how amazing is that stuff , and a little item from MUA. Like my local Superdrug the Metro Centres stand was predictably half empty but I did spy one of the new eyeshadows, this is Shade - 30 Pearl

What an amazingly pigmented metallic copper shade, this brand just impresses me more and more with every product I try!!

I did pick up one thing with my own money in Superdrug - one of the NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain 16H in 490 Persistent Pink

I've only managed a quick swatch so far but it seems a bit more wearable than the Revlon one I picked up.

I'll do a full review of this product when I get to my Budget Beauty Series post on NYC but first impressions are good x

I did buy one tiny little other thing the time in WHSmith - a copy of Papercraft Inspirations magazine. I used to subscribe to this magazine a little while ago but like the rest of my mags I cancelled it. This months copy though has a free Forever Friends Christmas card making kit with stamps, toppers, and cards. I have a few Forever Friends Christmas kits already  and I thought this would be a great addition to the things I already have.
After that we headed home via Lidl but not before my mum treat us to a little Starbucks trip -  this is one of the new Creme Brulee Macchiatos

I have to say it was yum, the Caramel one has been one of my favourites for a while now but this was equally good, sweet but with a lovely strong coffee taste. I also had one of their Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies which are gorgeous - Starbucks Gluten Free range isn't the biggest but at least us Coeliacs aren't completely ignored!
So that was yesterday, today I am utterly exhausted, achey and sore -why do a few hours pleasure lead to so much pain grr. Anyways if you have any questions on what I've bought please let me know xx


  1. Sounds like a great trip! Love the blush xx

  2. I need them pj pants! they look so cosy :)I work pretty much next door to a Primark and nothing has stood out for me recently, not noticed these pjs though!
    You bought some lovely items :)

  3. Oooh, I look forward to your NYC review. I was looking at these when they first came out but was unsure after seeing how much it bled when I swatched on my hand.xx

  4. I need to pick up those PJ bottoms! I saw them in store a couple of days ago but went to a lighter pair instead - my boyfriend gets so warm at night so really cosy pjs are for freezing nights only! I live in Scotland though so those aren't far off...I love the Sleek blush (I reviewed it on my blog recently :))

    If you'd check out my blog, I'd really appreciate any advice you might have - I've been reading yours for a while now :)


  5. Those pj bottoms look sooo nice! x


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