Friday 23 September 2011

Nails Of The Day - Grey Or Beige ? You Decide

I was at a bit of a loss so I thought I'd do another nails of the day post for you, thankfully I managed to take these pic before yet more nail breakage! I normally struggle with post titles but this one strangely enough came quite easily,even the You Decide bit which I feel must be said in my native northern twang a la Big Brothers Marcus Bentley, The only reason to watch that drivel is to listen to his almost familiar voice, then again I could just go down to the street to hear the same accent .I haven't put myself through the torture of watching Big Brother for some time now and I have to say I don't intend to, too many talentless fame seekers - My name is Louise and I hate reality TV!!! grrr!!

Anyway I digress, the post title pretty much sums up how I feel about this colour - Essie Playa Del Platinum. Is it grey?, maybe, is it beige? erm yeah maybe. This colour seems to be a perfect combination of dirty grey, mushroom, taupe and beige. Like so many Essie's in my collection this one is a cream polish, which means it's prone to streaking, this is two coats on most nails although my thumb has three but that's more down to my bad painting than the formulation. Oh and ignore the cat scratch I have matching ones on both hands that just appeared one morning hmm the joys of pet ownership!

I don't know why this came out with the Resort Collection last year, It seems to me to be very much an autumnal colour, not a summer one. I have to say at the moment sludgy colours are the way to go for me, khakis, greiges and beiges with just a touch of glitter and sparkle thrown in, hopefully I can snap out of it by holiday time - oranges, pinks and reds - bring it on ;) Have you abandoned your summer nail polish shades yet? let me know. I'll be back tomorrow with a little haul for you xx


  1. I really like colours like this but for some reason they look horrific on me D: Bad times. This really suits you though!


  2. I really love the colours too and they look fab on you xx


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