Tuesday 27 September 2011

Up, Up, and Away - Nails Of The Day

OK Guys
Were just about ready for the off now, just time for an all be it shortened nights sleep, we have to be at the airport before 6am eek! My suitcase has been weighed, and re-weighed numerous times to try and get it under the 15 kilo limit, and my hand luggage has been packed to it 5 kilo limit. I really don't travel light lol  I like to have lots of my things around me and plenty options lol. My mum physically blanched at the weight of my toiletry bag although she knows full well I take things for her too - she never has to pack her own shampoo or shower gel I take enough for both of us lol
Anyways I'm waxed, bathed and fake tanned (although I do look a little bit orange atm -eek), and I've just painted my tootsies and my finger nails, so I thought I'd show you what I'm going with for the journey - a bit of an apology though my nails are not in a good way at the moment I've had so many breakage issues lately

First up finger nails and this gorgeous, gorgeous purple from Essie - Sexy Divide, I really love this colour

I've painted my finger nails purple to match my travel bag, and the top I'm travelling in- sad aren't I lol
My toes however are a more conventional holiday colour a bright coral red and a recent magazine freebie - Leighton Denny - Viva La Diva

It will look better when my fake tan develops or when I hopefully get a real tan but it's a great colour for a late summer holiday:)
So that's me just about ready for the off, don't worry though I may pop up on twitter if I can find some free wifi , and I've left a few scheduled post for you including a couple of nail polish collection posts including my Essie nail polish collection, the start of my MAC collection series, a September summary, a Budget Beauty series post and a little recipe so don't forget to keep checking back - it will be like I've never been away xx Oh and don't forget about my giveaway I added some pics yesterday of what you can win and there is more to come- click here to check it out x Hope you all have a great week and I'll see you soon xx


  1. Have a great holiday! I'm envious. Love the polish colours! The Essie one is amazing!

  2. Have a great holiday. Lovely nail colours, need the Essie one :)

  3. Ohmygosh, Sexy Divide is such a gorgeous color! I really want to get my hands on it now :) Have fun on your holiday! <3

  4. Thanks ladied Essie Sexy Divide is indeed a beaut x


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